Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 549: Tian Yu (2)

Not long later, a handsome young man slowly walked toward the main hall.

The last remnants of the setting sun cast onto the man, stretching his shadow. Perhaps due to hearing the grievous news of the Tian Family, his current features were darker than usual, and blood vessels covered his black eyes.

It was not until Tian Yu saw the elderly man inside the main hall that his expression eased a bit. His thin lips slightly opened as he slowly said, "Grandfather, you are the only family that I have left..."


As though lightning had struck on a sunny day, the elderly man was immediately stupefied. It was a long while before he recovered and asked, his expression ghastly pale, "You are saying that your mother..."

"She's dead. The entire Tian Family was annihilated!"

Tian Yu could never have imagined that he only left the Tian household for a little over half a month, and these many events happened! When he heard about this nightmare while outside, he did not believe it! But he did not dare to return to the Tian residence, afraid that he would also meet an untimely end! Hence, as he investigated the truth behind the matter, he traveled to Huangquan City to rely on his grandfather.

"Who was it!" the elderly man broke the table in half with a slap, and his geriatric appearance gradually twisted, "Tell me! Who killed your mother! I will definitely make them pay a hundredfold!"

The bottom of Tian Yu's eyes revealed his complicated feelings, but more of it was a bone-deep hatred.

"It was Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya!"

When Tian Yu recalled that peerlessly beautiful girl, his fists tightly clenched, and his nails dug into his palm, wisps of blood trickling out.

After the anger passed, the elderly man recovered his calmness and asked with a cold expression, "Why?"

"Yun Luofeng has a maidservant named Zhong Ling'er who is the daughter of a collateral branch member of our Tian Family. Yun Luofeng wanted Zhong Ling'er to marry a guard of hers, but Zhong Ling'er declined! And that member of my Tian Family wanted to protect his daughter, so he secretly took her away to protect her, which angered Yun Luofeng! She teamed up with the traitor of the Tian Family, Tian Ya, and invaded the Tian residence, killing everyone in the family!"

Having lived in a giant dye tank like the Tian Family, how could Tian Yu be completely clean? Hence, he could casually make up a completely bogus lie like this. Also, the only ones present that day besides Yun Luofeng and her people were members of the Tian Family, so the world only knew that the Tian Family was exterminated and did not know why! Even if people from Heavenly Martial Pavilion went to investigate, they still would not find anything.

More importantly, as a safeguard, he used a portion of the Tian Family force that he brought with him that day to create rumors, causing Yun Luofeng to become a presence that the world pointed fingers at!

"Yun Luofeng! Tian Ya!" The elderly man was so angry that he started laughing as the killing intent in his eyes intensified. "These two people, not only did they force an honest girl into prostitution, but they also forced a collateral relative of your Tian Family to marry her guard and did something this atrocious! Tian Yu, don't worry, Grandfather will definitely avenge your mother and make these people die without a burial site!"

He only mentioned avenging his mother and did not mention the Tian Family at all! It was clear that he still did not acknowledge the presence of the Tian Family! However, as long as Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya were killed, it would already be more than enough!

"Someone, come and bring Young Master to rest." The elderly man's expression was bone-chillingly cold but abated a few degrees when he looked at Tian Yu. "Tian Yu, since the Tian Family doesn't exist anymore, you will be a member of the Tang Family from now on. Your name will be Tang Tianyu!"

"Yes, Grandfather," Tang Tianyu respectfully responded as he lowered his head.

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