Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 547: I Want to See Your Boss

The bearded man's gaze slowly trailed to the hand that Xiao Bai used to catch the blade. Fear surfaced in his eyes, and he harshly swallowed some spit before looking up at the young girl with a cute appearance in front of him.

"You..." The bearded man could only speak one word before Lin Ruobai's leg flew up and harshly landed on his chest, sending him into the air.

"Master, I finally understand why you like to kick people." Lin Ruobai's smile was more brilliant than the sun. "It turns out the feeling of kicking people is extremely satisfying! Oh dear, I'm already mesmerized by this feeling and need to kick him a few more times!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Ruobai leaped up and shot in front of the man. What followed was a one-sided beating...

Xiao Mo dumbfoundedly looked at the incomparably bold and powerful Lin Ruobai and swallowed with some fear. He subconsciously withdrew behind Yun Luofeng and weakly said, "Master, I want to return to God's Code Space..."

During this period of time, he returned to God's Code Space at night and reappeared in the morning, so it did not provoke Lin Ruobai's suspicion. Now, in order to not be tormented by this violent woman, he swore that he would never take a single step outside of God's Code Space ever again!

Yun Luofeng glanced at him. "Weren't you the one who kept complaining and were previously unwilling to return to God's Code Space?"

"I don't care! I will immediately return to God's Code Space. I won't reappear again until this woman leaves." Xiao Mo glared at Lin Ruobai, and then he took advantage of Yun Luofeng's inattention and speedily darted inside God's Code Space. He planned to completely disappear for a while. The best outcome would be for Lin Ruobai to forget his existence!

Unfortunately, he underestimated Lin Ruobai's determination. Since she already planned to take him as a wife, how could she forget him?


"Lady warrior, spare me! This little one was blind! I beg you to spare me!"

While Yun Luofeng was contemplating in silence, the bearded man's shaky begging was heard from the front. Yun Luofeng looked over and immediately saw that Lin Ruobai was stepping on the previously fiendish man. Her haughty face was slightly tilted up as she disdainfully looked at the man covered in bruises underneath her foot.

"How did you humiliate my master just now?" Lin Ruobai snorted. "Did you think this is it? However, I'm quite willing to give you a chance! If you cut off your tongue, I will spare your dog life!"

The bearded man's face abruptly changed. "You damn girl, don't be greedy, you..."


He did not finish speaking before Lin Ruobai's foot ferociously landed on his face, blocking all of his words. He could only make faint whimpering noises.

"Xiao Bai." Yun Luofeng halted her actions and slowly walked toward the bearded man. "Bring me to see your boss!"

Perhaps due to Yun Luofeng's words, Lin Ruobai did move her foot, giving the man a chance to speak. His face had a noticeable footprint, and his mouth was completely swollen. It was evident how much force Lin Ruobai used just now.

"Our boss isn't someone you can see willy-nilly."

Since these people would not spare him even if he begged, his voice hardened once more, but the fear in his eyes did not decrease and increased instead.

"Is that so?" the corner of Yun Luofeng's lips raised with a wicked smile. Her smile was similar to that of a devil from hell, making you plunge down to hell if you were careless. 


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