Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 546: Huangquan City's Factions

The girl's voice was very calm, but it easily stirred the hearts of these two brothers.

Although they had seen quite a few women over the years, they had never seen a peerless woman like this before! If they could have her under their bodies, it would be delectable for certain.

"Of course there is a second path," the bearded men licked the corner of his mouth, "and that is to defeat the two of us! However, do you think that you three alone are enough to oppose us?"

The two girls were both fairly young, and this girl clothed in white definitely was not older than 15 years old! The little boy did not need to be counted, what could a five-year-old do?

"Oh?" Yun Luofeng faintly raised her brows and said with a meaningful smile, "Then I choose... the second path."

The two brothers were briefly stunned, and before they could recover their wits, the girl suddenly darted past them. As her dark hair fluttered up, a faint, sweet fragrance drifted toward them with the wind.


A gush of hot blood spurted out of their arms, as spectacular as a fountain.

"Ah!" the bearded man sharply screamed and tightly clutched his bleeding arm, his face deathly pale.

His brother was not any better than him. His fair appearance drained of color, and blood continued to drip down from his arm, quickly forming a river on the ground.

"Just who are you?" he coldly asked between tightly gritted teeth.

Yun Luofeng looked up with a faint smile. "Someone who will turn Huangquan City upside down!"

Her words were very arrogant. They meant that due to her arrival, a head-turning transformation would occur in Huangquan City!

"You..." the fair-looking man's expression changed, and it was a long while before he could choke out, "you are too conceited."

In comparison to the vulgar, bearded man, this man still remained fairly calm, but his contempt was as clear as day on his pale appearance.

"Different factions tightly intertwine in Huangquan! There are also countless experts here! You alone don't have the ability to turn Huangquan on its head!"

"Younger Brother, why do we bother continuing to bullshit with this woman! She only injured us just now because of her sneak attack," the bearded man fumed between gritted teeth. "Let's attack her together and capture this woman!"

"Tut tut."

Mocking laughter suddenly came from the side after the bearded man finished speaking.

Lin Ruobai had her little face held up high, her dark and bright eyes brimming with a confident glint. "You still want to capture my master? My master doesn't need to do anything to deal with people like you, I can resolve it in her place!"

"Insolent!" the bearded man snorted and rapidly charged toward Lin Ruobai. A machete suddenly appeared in his hand and slashed down toward her, stirring up a gust of wind around him.


The machete planted in the ground, sending up a shower of dirt and dust. But before the bearded man could breathe a sigh of relief, his entire body froze.

In the midst of the flying dirt, Lin Ruobai's hand had a tight hold on his machete, her sleeves fluttering in the breeze and revealing a fair forearm. A trickle of blood dripped down her arm, but she did not notice it at all. Her smile was like a brilliant flower, extremely magnificent.

"I already said that my master doesn't need to do anything to deal with people like you! I'm more than enough!"

To Lin Ruobai, letting Yun Luofeng deal with these people would dirty her hands! And as her disciple, she was responsible for dealing with these small inconveniences for Master. Moreover, these people dared to insult Master earlier. She would not forgive them based on this point alone!


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