Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 545: Hopeless Xiao Mo

Xiao Mo still wanted to protest, but a small hand pulled him off of Yun Luofeng from behind and dangled him in the air.

"You d*mn woman, let me go!"

Sensing the presence behind him, Xiao Mo trembled from anger and kept struggling in the hands of Lin Ruobai.

"Master already gave you to me." Lin Ruobai slightly lifted her chin, and the smile on her cute face became more radiant. "So you are my wife from now on."

Xiao Mo completely shriveled and stared at Yun Lufoeng with incredibly aggrieved eyes. His expression made him remarkably resemble an abandoned puppy, so pitiful that it made tender affections arise in the hearts of the people around them.

After seeing this, Tian Ya only wanted to end his life with a slam of his head. His eyes were full of resentment as he indignantly said, "This world is too unfair! Even a five-year-old child is betrothed, but I am still a virgin."

Yun Luofeng's eyes swept across him. "With your position on this continent, you would have a massive response if you called. Wouldn't it be easy if you wanted to lose your virginity?"

"No!" Tian Ya lifted his chin and said pridefully, "I want to remain chaste for my Fu Sheng until I find her!"

To him, being a virgin was a prideful matter! After all, he was protecting his heart and body for the woman he loved! Just how many men were able to remember their initial intent in this world?

"It's late already. Xiao Bai, we should set off. Long Fei, bring Zhong Ling'er and Qingyan to the Yun residence to wait for me."

Yun Luofeng glanced at Lin Ruobai and Xiao Mo with a wicked smile. "As for Xiao Mo, I will leave him in your hands for you to train him during this journey."

"Yes, Master," Lin Ruobai respectfully responded as she straightened up.

And Xiao Mo, who was hanging from her hand, had a face brimming with hopelessness, as though it was the end of the world. He could already imagine his future miserable life...

As he watched their departing figures, the smile on Tian Ya's face gradually disappeared. He lightly sighed and said as if he were talking to himself, "I don't know whether it is right or wrong to let Miss Yun go to Huangquan! With her brains and talent though, she can definitely do well there!"

This was also training for her!


Huangquan was situated in the northmost part of the continent. Because it was rich in extremely precious medicinal herbs, a countless number of factions took root here! Combined with the limited resources, this led to frequent occurrences of wide-scale fighting!

In this place, it was survival of the fittest! The weak could only become the stepping stones of other people!

On the mountain road of a shady forest, Yun Luofeng held the hands of Lin Ruobai and Xiao Mo as they walked towards the end of the road. After reaching the end of this road they would step into Huangquan City. However, just as she reached the end, the sun in front of her was suddenly blocked. An enormous shadow appeared in front of her, and the stench of sweat could be faintly smelled.

"Oh, you look very unfamiliar! You don't look like someone from Huangquan City! Do you understand the rules of our city? For anyone new entering Huangquan City, the women have to be played with by my brother and me, and the men must crawl under our groins! Would you like to start now? Hahaha."

A rough voice was heard from above Yun Luofeng. She slightly looked up, her brazen eyes slowly landing on the two people blocking her...

"Are there any other paths?"

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