Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 544: I Want to Marry Him

Without waiting for Yun Luofeng to explain, Qingyan's voice, which was as melodious as a black-naped oriole, was heard from the side. "He is my miss's son."

As though struck by lightning, both Tian Ya and Lin Ruobai were stupefied simultaneously.

Yun Luofeng...actually had a son?

And the son was this old as well? Goodness, this was simply inconceivable!

Tian Ya glanced at Yun Luofeng in jealousy. "Even I, someone with half of my body buried in the earth, don't have a wife, but you're only fifteen years old, and you already have a son this old?"

Lin Ruobai's eyes lit up. She lifted her hands to squeeze Xiao Mo's cheeks, a brilliant smile on her baby face.

"Little brother, be good. Let me hear a 'sister' from you."

Xiao Mo's face immediately darkened. He was already someone who had lived who knows how long, and he was actually called a little brother by some little girl who was still wet behind her ears?

And she actually teased him?

Thinking of this, Xiao Mo slapped Lin Ruobai's hand away and hid behind Yun Luofeng, his hands tightly tugging her clothes.

"Only Mas... only Mother can touch my face."

His intent was to make Lin Ruobai give up on harassing him, but who knew that the light in Lin Ruobai's eyes would become brighter after seeing his cold yet adorable appearance?

"Master, I want to marry him."

Her words were like a sudden clap of thunder, stunning Xiao Mo instantly. He looked in astonishment at Lin Ruobai, who had her chin slightly raised, and was so scared that he could not even speak.

How could there be a woman this shameless in the world?

She actually told a male stranger who she met for the first time that she wanted to marry him?

And, as a woman, shouldn't she say "be married to"[1]? Why did it become "marry"?

However, Master definitely would not agree!

Xiao Mo's heart settled upon thinking this, and he lifted his adorable little face with satisfaction, looking at Lin Ruobai with disdain.

"Approved," uttered Yun Luofeng slowly just when Xiao Mo was extremely pleased with himself.

At that moment, Xiao Mo's heart broke into pieces. Two trails of glistening tears trickled down his delicate face, his large and bright eyes brimming with disbelief. He did not want to believe Master would sell him like this at all.

"Miss," Qingyan could not bear this, "Little Master is only five years old... We should wait until he's older before deciding this, shouldn't we?"

"Mother, she's right," Xiao Mo immediately regained his wits and pulled on Yun Luofeng's clothes as he aggrievedly said, "I'm only five and still a child. The age difference between us is too big; we don't match."

Yun Luofeng faintly raised her brows. "It would be quite nice for you to be a child bride. Age isn't a problem for true love."

"No! You can't be this cruel! You can't shove me at this woman!" Xiao Mo nearly started crying. His chastity was sold by Master this easily...

Even though he was already several centuries old, he still retained the appearance of a five-year-old. He simply could not grow up, so how should he marry?

"Xiao Mo," Yun Luofeng neared his ears with a wicked smile on her lips, "you swindled me once, so I have to pay you back! Hence, you will be Xiao Bai's wife from now on."

"No!" Xiao Mo hurriedly used his arms to hug Yun Luofeng's thighs and refused to let go no matter what. "You can't ditch me like this! And I'm a man, she's the woman, so why am I her wife? Didn't you reverse it?"

"Hmm..." Yun Luofeng lightly caressed her chin and blinked. "Because Xiao Bai said she wanted to marry you, so you are naturally the wife and she the husband."

[1] There's a different word for "marry" in Chinese depending on whether it's from the male side or female side.


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