Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 543: Clan Annihilation (4)

Tian Yu?

At the mention of this name, Yun Luofeng's eyes imperceptibly darkened, and she turned to look at Tian Ya, "Can you mobilize your forces to find Tian Yu?"

"Girl, leave this matter to me. If we don't pull out all the roots when we cut weeds, there will be trouble later for certain. Moreover, Tian Yu is not as impatient as his grandfather or father, and he is quite reserved instead. If we leave him behind, he will definitely be a danger later!" Tian Ya responded seriously after a moment of silence.

Tian Yi heard the duo's conversation just before his spirit dispersed, and his lips involuntarily raised with a mocking smile. These two people definitely would not be able to find the place that Tian Yu was headed for! When he returned, he would certainly avenge the entire Tian Family!

He had no complaints about dying then.


The Soul Flame dissipated in the air, and Tian Yi's body heavily fell down. At death, a mocking smile remained on his face, and his widened eyes were brimming with satisfaction. It was as though he absolutely believed that Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya would both fall very soon.

At the same time, Tian Fu and the other elders all could not handle the might of the Soul Flame anymore. Their spirits changed from transparent to nothing before being finally swept away by the breeze, dispersing in the air like a puff of green smoke…

The remaining members of the Tian Family all displayed a fearful expression, and they could help but take a few steps back. Tian Xuan in particular, he was so scared that he could not speak, and his body kept shuddering in the wind.

Tian Ya did not take another look at these people, and his gaze turned to Yun Luofeng. "Miss Yun, leave these people for me to handle! Also, I will inform the forces in my hands to find the destination of Tian Yu in a moment, but I still need your help with something…"

"Help with what?" asked Yun Luofeng with raised brows.

Tian Ya was momentarily silent. "This time, I originally took Xiao Bai with me to look for a medicinal herb! That herb grows by the shores of Huangquan and is extremely hard to find! That herb can only be found using Xiao Bai's bloodline as a guide. I hope that you can retrieve this herb for me."

"Alright!" Yun Luofeng did not contemplate long before agreeing. "What is the herb that you want me to find?"

"That medicinal herb is called Spirit Guide. After consuming it, it can raise the strength of the spirit. I see that you possess the techniques for spiritual attacks, so this herb is a rare supplement for you. Only…" the little old man rubbed his hands together and said with a chuckle, "you need to share half of the Spirit Guide with me after you retrieve it."

"That's not a problem. But you need to tell me first, how do I get to Huangquan?" Yun Luofeng attentively watched the elderly man with a smile. "Could it be that I need to kill myself first?"

Hearing this, the old man was taken aback, and he could not resist laughing out loud.

"Girl, this Huangquan[1] is the name of a place. Because that place doesn't have any laws or governing power and only respects the rule of the fist, power struggles occur often. This results in a death count of tens of thousands every day, so it is named Huangquan."

Because the previous owner of this body did not familiarize herself with the news of this continent, it was normal that Yun Luofeng did not know about this. However, if it were someone else, if they committed such a simple mistake, they would definitely find a hole to burrow into from embarrassment. Yun Luofeng was different though. Her expression was as peaceful as usual, as though nothing had happened.

"I understand. Wait for my news at the Yun Estate at that time. Xiao Bai, let's go."

Lin Ruobai gently blinked. "Master, I have wanted to ask you earlier. Where did you kidnap this little boy beside you? He's too adorable."

[1] Huangquan (黄泉): Literally translated as "Yellow Spring," it is the underworld of Chinese mythology and the equivalent of Hades or Hell, aka death. This is why Luofeng asked if she needed to kill herself. xD


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