Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 542: Clan Annihilation (3)

"Hoho," he lowly chuckled as he closed his eyes, "I gave up everything for the Tian Family, but I didn't expect to end up with a fate like this. From now on, I won't care about the Tian Family anymore."

Tian Fu's body became fainter and fainter, and his voice was also weak. The other ancestral elders already could not handle the power of the Soul Flame and gradually became more transparent…

"No!" shouted Tian Yi quickly after seeing that Tian Fu was about to give up on the Tian Family, "Ancestral Elders, you can't give up on the Tian Family! You are incredibly strong, so how can the matrix that Yun Luofeng set up to entrap you? I know you must have some other ability! If you give up, Tian Family is truly finished!"

Tian Fu sighed. "If we still lived, whether it's this matrix or the fire, neither would be able to injure us. Unfortunately, we are currently nothing but spirits! What else can we do?"

His voice portrayed his helplessness. Even if he wanted to help the Tian Family, he had the will, but he did not have the power.

Tian Yi opened his mouth, wanting to continue to persuade him, but his spirit was already mostly consumed by the Soul Flame, so he could only depend on heaven's will…

"Tian Ya," Tian Fu turned to look at Tian Ya, "I hope you can take into consideration that the Tian Family raised you to an adult and leave the Tian Family with a way to survive!"

Even towards the end, he still wanted to make one last struggle!

And now, the only thing he could use was Tian Ya's feelings towards the Tian Family when he was young.

However, when faced with that nearly begging voice of his, Tian Ya merely coldly chuckled, "My feelings for the Tian Family were all expended back then! Of course, I have to thank your Tian Family too. If it weren't for your assassination attempts against me, I wouldn't be able to use the quickest speed to grow up."

Tian Fu's body shuddered as he weakly asked, "Tian Ya, are you truly this cold-hearted? If you really annihilate the Tian Family, how will the world look at you?"

The current Tian Fu had completely forgotten who was the one screaming for Tian Ya's death from the start. If it were not for Yun Luofeng, perhaps Tian Ya would have lost his life in the midst of these people's slaughter.

However, he now righteously accused Tian Ya of being heartless.

"Haha!" Tian Ya guffawed. "So what if the world calls me heartless? I, Tian Ya, only ask for a clear conscience when I act! Why is it that your Tian Family can kill me, but I can't destroy your Tian Family? Now, besides having the Tian name, I have nothing to do with your Tian Family!"

What did the opinion of the people have to do with him?

In one's life, they should deal with favors and enmities as they please—kill who they should kill and annihilate the clan they should annihilate!

Seeing that Tian Ya could not be reasoned with, Tian Fu turned to Yun Luofeng next. "Little girl, even if my Tian Family was the one at fault initially, isn't your method of revenge too cruel?"

The girl finally slowly looked up. Under the resplendent sun, her features radiated a striking light.

"Tian Family will no longer exist from now on."

A simple sentence determined the death sentence for the Tian Family.

From now on, the Tian Family will no longer exist!

While these people clashed with each other, Tian Yi's spirit was already so frail that it would scatter as soon as the wind blew.

At the final moment, he suddenly laughed in a deranged manner. His laughter was sinister and resonated in the skies.

"Yun Luofeng, Tian Ya, you can never annihilate my Tian Family! Because my grandson, Tian Yu, has already gone somewhere that you can't discover! Hahaha, he will definitely avenge us!"

The current Tian Yi was very glad that Tian Yu was not home. Otherwise, there would not be anyone who could help him take revenge!

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