Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 541: Clan Annihilation (2)

Upon seeing the old man's shamelessness, Tian Fu nearly spat blood out. He angrily pointed at Tian Ya and fiercely said, "If you dare, stand there without moving!"

Hearing this, Tian Ya actually stopped moving and chuckled. "I will stay standing here. Come and hit me if you have the guts!"

"You..." Tian Fu was spitting fire from his eyes due to his anger.

He clearly told Tian Ya to stop moving while he was inside the matrix, but that guy dared to purposefully misconstrue his meaning and stand an inch outside of the invisible wall…

Tian Fu soothed the anger in his heart with effort before coldly stating, "Tian Ya, you still haven't corrected this shameless habit of yours even after all these years! You also clearly know I can't leave here, so how should I go hit you?"

"Don't find an excuse! You are clearly a coward and don't dare to come out. What kind of person are you to just hide in there and escape from reality?"

No one could compare with this old guy's ability to make false accusations.

It was obvious that Tian Fu was confined inside the matrix and was also suffering from the burning of the Soul Flame, but now, he was falsely accused of hiding from reality because of cowardice?

Tian Fu was so angry that his head emitted smoke. He tightly clenched his fist and heavily punched Tian Ya in the chest with a bang. However, his fist did not even touch Tian Ya before being stopped by the invisible wall, and his body suddenly flew back.

Seeing this, Tian Ya grew more satisfied, and his old face lit up with a smile that was begging for a beating.

"Tian Fu, how is this Hitting Bull through Air[1] technique that this old man recently learned?"

Hitting Bull through Air?

Hit your f**king bull!

Tian Fu's entire body was shuddering as he pointed at Tian Ya. His lips were faintly trembling, but he could not speak. He reckoned Tian Ya was the only one who could act shameless to this degree! He was clearly bounced back by that invisible wall, but this old man actually took the credit? Did he still want to keep any face?

"Tian Ya, you shameless scum!"

It was a long while before Tian Fu managed to rigidly choke out those words.

Tian Ya mockingly smiled. "What right does a defeated opponent like you have to humiliate this old man?"

"Utter rubbish! If there wasn't an invisible wall blocking this old man, I would have already ripped you into a thousand pieces!" Tian Fu could not resist cursing. He felt his spirit burning in the Soul Flame, as though his spirit would disperse soon.

After throwing those words at Tian Ya, he turned to Yun Luofeng. "Just who are you?"

If he didn't guess wrong, this matrix had something to do with Yun Luofeng. He did not forget that the little child beside Yun Luofeng was writing and drawing on the ground just now. Then, a matrix appeared in that place...

Instantly, everyone's gaze gathered on Yun Luofeng. The members of the Tian Family were also gritting their teeth from hatred. If they did not fear her ability, they would have gone up to kill this woman long ago! If it were not for her, the current Tian Family would not degenerate to this extent.

Yun Luofeng gently stroked the little hamster in her sleeve and did not look up as she said, "Who am I? You aren't worthy of knowing."

Her words were not only brazen and arrogant but also carried a haughtiness that looked down on the world. The fact that she set up the ancestral elders and caused them to cut such sorry figures already proved that she had the right to be arrogant!

Tian Fu grew completely dispirited. It appeared that he had never imagined Tian Family would fall at the hands of a girl! This girl was only 15 years old...

[1] Hitting Bull through Air (隔空打牛) is a technique where the user can hit someone without touching them, possibly through the vibrations made in the air.

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