Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 540: Clan Annihilation (1)


The pain directly entered their spirit, making the ancestral elders howl in anguish. This howl was similar to that of a wild wolf, incomparably ferocious and bubbling with a heaven-bursting fury.

"What have you done?" Tian Fu's whole body was trembling as he angrily looked at Yun Luofeng. Amid this fire, he felt like his spirit was being ripped apart by a countless number of hands, and he could not even utilize his spiritual energy.

The satisfied expressions of the people from the Tian Family also froze because of this sudden, unforeseen event. Everyone did not understand what had occurred, and their eyes were brimming with astonishment.

"Ancestral Elder!" Tian Yi's voice was very weak. He looked at Tian Fu and the others, who were also engulfed in flames, and said between gritted teeth, "Hurry and leave that place! Hurry!"



This Soul Flame was different from the one that Tian Yi suffered from. The Soul Flame that Tian Yi suffered from only burned around him, but the flame here burned in a limited area. They only needed to leave this area to distance themselves from the Soul Flame.

Tian Fu quickly turned around, wanting to dart out of this place. However, his head slammed into an invisible wall with a thud, and his body bounced off of it.

"What is this?"

The other ancestral elders turned pale with fright as they all lifted their hand to touch the air in front of them...

There was clearly nothing there, but their hands came into contact with an invisible wall.

"No!" Tian Fu lost his mind and wildly shouted as he slammed into it once more, "I want to leave! Let me leave!"

As expected, his body was shot back again, and he landed on the ground butt first. Despair was written all over Tian Fu's eyes as he felt the pain of his spirit being shredded into pieces. Even now, he still did not understand what had happened!

Tian Ya, who was situated inside the matrix, was also just as shocked. He bewilderedly looked at the maniacal elders of the family and truly did not understand why these people suddenly went crazy. There was clearly only air in front of them, so why did these people circle this piece of air in a deranged manner and lose their mind over it? Also, the moss-green flame that was twined around the ancestral elders appeared to have eyes of its own and did not injure him at all.

"Tian Ya," Tian Fu gnashed his teeth, "that woman confined us in here, but you also can't leave! Don't forget that we are stuck in the same place!"

Just as his last word was spoken, Tian Fu abruptly realized that Tian Ya had already reached the shapeless wall that blocked him just now. Then, he lifted his foot and carefully explored the space in front...

A miracle occurred!

Tian Ya's foot successfully penetrated that invisible wall, and then his entire body went through too.

Tian Fu completely lost his mind and angrily roared, "That is impossible! Why can you leave? I won't believe it! I absolutely won't believe it!" After saying that, he stood up again and collided with the wall, Just as before, that invisible wall appeared again, flicking him back.

At a time like this, Tian Ya, that beast, actually stepped into the matrix from the outside again. Then, without waiting for a reaction from Tian Fu, he proceeded to step out of the matrix. As he continued to step in and out of the matrix, he taunted Tian Fu and the others, "I come in, then I leave again... I come in, then I leave again... Are you envious? Jealous, right? If you have the guts, come out to kill me! What talent is it to hide in there?"

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