Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 539: A Card up One's Sleeve (2)

"Master, for all these years, I've only learned this one matrix. I didn't expect it would be of use here."

Xiao Mo kneeled down and placed stones on the ground. He wiped the sweat from his forehead before standing up. "However, this matrix of mine can only imprison the spirits and can't destroy them. When you inject your Soul Flame into the matrix, it can quickly make the spirit of these spirit forms disperse."

Just now, Yun Luofeng had said that if the strong people of the Tian Family appeared in their physical body, she would not have any solutions! But they only had themselves to blame for being a group of spirit entities!"

To spirit entities, Soul Flame was their nemesis!

Although these people were really strong, they already did not have the protection of a physical body, so they were vulnerable to Soul Flame! If their physical bodies still existed, with their strength, Soul Flame would not even have time to penetrate their body before being destroyed!


Tian Fu's punch landed on Tian Ya, sending his body into the air, and Tian Ya coincidentally landed right inside the matrix.

Although these ancestral elders of the Tian Family saw Xiao Mo moving stones on the ground from the start, they disregarded it since Xiao Mo was only a kid. In their eyes, they possessed absolute strength, and Yun Luofeng could not stir up much trouble!

Unfortunately, Tian Fu and company did not pay too much attention to the people beside Yun Luofeng, so they did not know that Xiao Mo appeared from thin air and thought he had been at Tian Mountain from the start. If he had noticed that Xiao Mo appeared from thin air, perhaps he would not be so overconfident...

"Tian Ya, with your strength alone, you can't handle this many people from our Tian Family!" Tian Fu guffawed as he stepped into the matrix.

At the same time, the other ancestral elders entered as well and all looked at Tian Ya in ridicule.

"This is the price for disobeying the Tian Family's order back then!"

At this moment, seeing the situation brightening, a dash of hope appeared in the eyes of everyone from the Tian Family. Who cares how powerful Tian Ya was? There were so many ancestral elders of the Tian Family here, so why would they fear one Tian Ya?

Thinking of this, everyone could not resist saying, "Ancestral Elder, kill the traitor Tian Ya! As a member of the Tian Family, not only did he not help the Tian Family, but he also wanted to destroy our family with outsiders."

"That's right! He once fell in love with a woman of unknown origins, and now he recognizes someone with a low status as master! He simply can't be forgiven!"

So what if Tian Ya acknowledged Yun Luofeng's strength? To them, she was a mere eldest miss of the General's Estate and had a low status, so how could she be compared with the Tian Family?

Tian Ya climbed up from the ground and clutched his injured chest while coldly stating, "The Tian Family has nothing to do with who I want to marry, nor is it your business who I want to recognize as master! Since I could escape from the Tian Family's assassination back then, I can do the same now!"

Hearing him, Tian Fu jeered, "Several decades ago, you left with only yourself, but you now carry this much baggage, I would like to see what strength you will use to leave!" After saying this, killing intent burst forth from his body and covered Tian Ya's body.

"Alright, it's about time. I don't plan to keep talking rubbish with you, so I will end your lives now!"

He haughtily tilted his head up and looked down at Tian Ya from high above. Then, he slightly raised his arm and a sharp long sword appeared in his hand...

However, the moment that he grabbed the sword, a moss-green flame erupted from the ground with a boom and enveloped their bodies in an instant...


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