Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 537: Tian Family's Trump Card (2)

"Why don't I have the face to come back?" Tian Ya sneered. "Don't forget, for all these years, it's always been your Tian Family begging me to return. Now that I've returned, you are treating me with this type of attitude?"

"Humph!" The cyan-robed elderly man snorted and expressionlessly said, "You were allowed to return to the Tian Family because your younger brother, Tian Yi, pitied your incredible loneliness and hardship, it wasn't our decision! Since you left that decisively back then, you shouldn't have stepped onto Tian Mountain again!"

Back then?

Hearing these words mentioned, Tian Ya's eyes turned more severe. "You still have the nerve to mention the events back then? If it weren't for you old things, why would Fu Sheng abandon me and leave? I was originally still worried about being unable to find you and take revenge, but I didn't imagine that you would still be here!"

The cyan-robed man arrogantly smiled. "A bead of rice like you[1], how can your brightness compete with the sun and moon? Tian Ya, no matter how outstanding you are now, in our eyes, you are still that tiny weakling from several decades ago!"

Since this old man compared Tian Ya and his companions to beads of rice, then the Tian Family would be that enormous sun and moon! As beads of rice, how could their brightness outshine that of the sun and moon?

Tian Ya's heart grew angrier, and a cold light was exuded from his slightly narrowed eyes. However, he knew that these ancestral elders were different from other people of the Tian Family, and he could not go against these many people with his strength alone.

Several decades ago, the strength of these old men had already reached sky-level spirit cultivator! Now that these many years had passed, their strength was stronger. The fact that the Tian Family previously declined was definitely connected with their death! However, he didn't expect that these people would use this type of method to protect the Tian Family! Having their spirit disperse, was it really worth it?

"Miss Yun, leave first with your subordinates and Miss Xiao Bai!" Tian Ya's eyes grew colder. "Let me handle these guys!"

Yun Luofeng turned to look at Tian Ya. "Can you handle these many people alone?"

"I can't, but I can hold them off for a bit. I will chase them down after you leave Tian Mountain." Tian Ya took a deep breath, his face more solemn than ever before.

If it was in the past, upon seeing these enemies, he definitely would charge up without regard for his life and fight them to the death! However, he now had people that he needed to keep in mind! He had to wait until Yun Luofeng was safe before he put his all into the fight! Otherwise, if Yun Luofeng was here, they would certainly accidentally injure her!

"Tian Ya, you should know about my origins." Yun Luofeng looked at Tian Ya with a smile on her lips. "I was born in an aristocratic family of generals. And for generals, they definitely would not disregard and abandon their teammates on the battlefield!"

Tian Ya was taken aback briefly before releasing a helpless, wry chuckle. "Girl, this isn't the battlefield..."

"To me, anywhere that has fighting is the battlefield. If I abandon my teammates because of cowardice, then that grandfather of mine would definitely scold me." Yun Lufoeng donned a smile. Her features carried her untamed nature, similar to a wild horse that was hard to tame and unwilling to obey anyone's orders.

Just as Tian Ya was contemplating her words, Yun Luofeng suddenly asked, "Tian Ya, do you trust me?"

Immediately, Tian Ya's eyes landed on the girl. After seeing the confidence in her features, his heart gradually calmed down.

Perhaps this young girl had a magic that made others involuntarily trust her...

"Girl, tell me, what do you want me to do?" asked Tian Ya as he helplessly shook his head.

[1] A bead of rice (米粒之珠) is an idiom used to call someone weak. And when it's comparing to the sun and moon in the next part, it's comparing the brightness. Because 珠 can also mean bead or pearl, which, as many know, can shine.

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