Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 534: Tian Ya is Here (3)

Despair exuded from Tian Yi's eyes. "Since you are saying that you didn't take actions against our Tian Family for all these years because you used all of your time to find Fu Sheng, why did you come to the Tian residence now?"

"Because..." the corner of Tian Ya's lips raised, "I heard that members of your Tian Family kidnapped the maidservant of Yun Luofeng. I only came to help her get her back and to also settle the account with your Tian Family."

Tian Yi looked up at Tian Ya, dumbfounded, the despair in his eyes turning to shock.

Tian Ya's original meaning was that he was too busy, so he did not have time to settle the score with the Tian Family. However, because of Yun Luofeng, he had no scruples to drop everything and come here to stand up for her!

Just how deep was their friendship that it would cause Tian Ya to make a choice like this?

The other people all turned to Yun Luofeng, their expression all but saying their desire to ask about her relationship with Tian Ya.

"Uncle Tian Ya," Tian Xuan dazedly spoke, asking the question that everyone wanted to ask, "who is this woman to you?"

Logically speaking, with Tian Ya's identity, he should not have any relations to someone with a background like Yun Luofeng's.

Then, while everyone was nervously waiting, Lin Ruobai injected from the side, "Junior Tian Ya, hurry and take care of these people. They're truly an irksome presence."

Junior Tian Ya?

Everyone immediately froze, especially Tian Xuan, who had just ridiculed Yun Luofeng. His face completely drained of color. He wished he could faint this very second; it would be better than facing this type of shocking news.

"Tian Ya!"

Surprisingly, Tian Yi was not as stunned as everyone else. Instead, he flew into a rage and angrily said, "This woman might have decent talents, but she's only a sky-level cultivator! Your strength is way above hers, and there's also your excellent medical skills, so what right does she have to be your master?"

After saying this, Tian Yi inhaled a harsh breath, and his face became increasingly twisted.

"I know you hate the Tian Family! But there's no need for you to use your life to anger our Tian Family! There's still time for you to regret it. As long as you return to the Tian Family and we join forces, we can definitely make the Tian Family regain its former grandeur!"

Tian Yi's expression slowly softened as he patiently and well-meaningly persuaded. He wanted to use his words to pull Tian Ya back to the Tian Family.

Unfortunately, Tian Ya directly overlooked Tian Yi's words and cheerfully turned to Lin Ruobai. "Miss Xiao Bai, you calling me Junior puts me at ease. Don't worry, this old man might not be good at other things, but my ability to be shameless is quite strong. If Miss Yun won't accept me as a disciple, then I will simply keep bothering her until she accepts."

Long Fei's eyes widened in surprise, his face full of disbelief.

This is the man that my master likes? He is actually this...shameless?!

However, when other people heard these words, their feelings were completely different from Long Fei's.

It was well known that the Tian Family expended a great amount of effort to look for Tian Ya. However, Tian Ya was cold and indifferent to them! Who knew that someone as arrogant as Tian Ya would shamelessly want to formally become the disciple of a young girl?

And that girl even rejected him?

If this matter was spread, it would definitely shock the entire continent!

"You aren't allowed to call me girl from now on," Lin Ruobai said with her hands on her hips and her bright eyes widened, "You need to respectfully address me as Senior. Otherwise, I will speak badly of you in front of Master and make her reject you as a disciple for her entire life."

"Alright," the little old man fawningly smiled, "whatever you say."

In order to become Yun Luofeng's disciple, he evidently discarded his old shame.

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