Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 532: Tian Ya is Here (1)

The elderly man immediately quieted down. He knew that Yun Luofeng had spoken the truth. If she did not come here to rescue Zhong Ling'er, with Tian Zhu's violent personality, Zhong Ling'er's fate would not be that bright. He could only helplessly sigh as despair slowly emerged in his eyes.

At this time, Tian Xuan walked to Ye Ling while carrying a tub of salt water. He placed the tub down with a livid face and snorted before walking back to the ranks of the Tian Family.


Qingyan ladled some salt water and watered it onto Tian Zhu's dismembered shoulder. The intense pain instantly woke Tian Zhu up. He looked at Qingyan, who was smiling like the devil, with a ghastly pale appearance.

"I be-beg you, let me go..."

His voice was hoarse, and his eyes contained prayers. Only now did he experience what fear was.

"Let you go?" Qingyan asked with a laugh. "Back then, did you think about letting Zhong Ling'er go?"

Tian Zhu opened his mouth, his throat completely dry. He knew that he had made a mistake this time.

"Since you didn't plan to let Zhong Ling'er go back then, why should I let you go now?" Qingyan asked with her chin raised as she looked down at him.

Tian Zhu hopelessly closed his eyes. He wished he could faint again this instant; it would be better than facing these devils.

"There's no need to keep the Tian Family."

Yun Luofeng's indifferent words determined the fate of the Tian Family.

"Yun Luofeng!" Tian Xuan's expression abruptly transformed as he indignantly roared, "I admit that your talent is not bad, and you are also strong! But the person behind our Tian Family is Tian Ya, who reached the realm beyond sky-level cultivator long ago! If you only wanted to slightly discipline our Tian Family, fine! But you actually want to destroy our Tian Family! Do you think Tian Ya will allow your actions?"

No matter what, Tian Family was Tian Ya's clan, and his father was Tian Ya's brother! Regardless of Tian Ya's callous feelings for the Tian Family, he would not stand aside and watch the Tian Family be destroyed. This was the origin of Tian Xuan's confidence.

Yun Luofeng's wicked eyes slid toward Tian Xuan. "Several decades ago, Tian Ya became famous at a young age, and your Tian Family bestowed an extremely large expectation upon him. However, Tian Ya fell in love with a woman that the Tian Family did not approve of! Because of this, not only did you risk framing him to appear immoral, but you also caused two people who loved each other to be separated! I reckon that Tian Ya already hates the members of your Tian Family to the bones, so why would he continue to help you?"

Tian Xuan's expression abruptly changed as he tightly clenched his fists. A heaven-reaching fury enveloped his livid expression.

"Just who are you?" The elderly man surrounded by fire looked up at Yun Luofeng with a twisted expression on his geriatric face. He intently stared at her. "There's no way that you could have known about this!"

Besides several high-level personnel in the Tian Family, only the family head of a few formidable powers could find out the reason behind Tian Ya's departure from the Tian Family all those years ago. Even the sons of the Tian Family did not know about this! Hence, for all these years, the sons of the Tian Family often used the famed reputation of Tian Ya to lord their power over everyone in the outside world.

However, now, a mere granddaughter of a general from the Longyuan Kingdom actually knew about these deep secrets of the Tian Family? The elderly man could not help but suspect her identity.

"Hoho, girl, you missed something..."

Suddenly, an aged voice appeared out nowhere. Closely following it, everyone watched as a white-clothed elderly man slowly approached them while stepping on thin air.

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