Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 531: Yun Luofeng's Anger (4)

When Long Fei finished speaking, a chilly feeling came up from the bottom of the feet of Tian Zhu, causing him to shiver from the cold and fearfully look up at the cold-eyed girl in front of him.

"Qingyan, Ye Ling," Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows and icily ordered, "however he treated Zhong Ling'er, I want it returned to him doubled. I'll let you handle this matter."

Die? That was too simple for a monster like him. She would never permit him to die that easily.

"Yes, Miss."

"Yes, Master."

Understanding her meaning, Qingyan and Ye Ling cupped their fists in salute and walked toward Tian Zhu, who had fallen on the ground.

"Don't...don't come here!" Tian Zhu looked at the approaching duo, and the fear in his eyes intensified. He was about to cry out for help when Qingyan leaped up and landed a kick on his body.

Tian Zhu, whose face had turned ghastly white, nearly spat out blood from her kick. But this wasn't enough.

While Tian Zhu's heart trembled even more, Qingyan pulled out a dagger from somewhere unknown and slashed it across his face while saying with a dark smile, "Master, where do you think I should start? Should I chop off his nose first or his ears? Right, the salt water too... Ye Ling, help me prepare the salt water."

Since this guy tortured Zhong Ling'er like that, she would make him hang between life and death.

Ye Ling affectionately glanced at Qingyan before turning to walk to stand in front of Tian Xuan with a cold expression on his stern features. "If you don't want to end up like him, prepare a tub of salt water for me within half an hour."

Tian Xuan was stunned briefly and glanced at Tian Zhu, who was under Qingyan's foot, before decisively walking towards the entrance of the mountain.

Tian Zhu's heart was completely chilled. He did not know what had happened that would cause Young Master to obediently listen to these people's orders like this...

"Half an hour sounds about right." Qingyan slightly narrowed her eyes while happily looked at Tian Zhu. "I think that chopping off your arm first is better. Which hand did you use to hurt Zhong Ling'er?"

Qingyan had followed Yun Luofeng for the longest, so she had learned some of the young girl's ruthlessness. Her pretty face was full of smiles, and her curved eyes were akin to the crescent moon, brilliant and striking. However, it was the mouth of this innocent and harmless looking girl that spoke such cruel words.

Tian Zhu's face turned deathly pale from his fear. He did not dare to speak, but his trembling body already exposed the fear in his heart.

"Since you aren't telling me, I will chop off both of your arms."

The dagger in her hands slowly moved to hover above Tian Zhu's arm, and the smile on her face became crueler.


Tian Zhu widened his eyes in fright. He voiced a loud shout just as the dagger in Qingyan's hand landed. This dagger might look small, but it was very sharp and was able to chop off the arm of a man in a split second.

Blood spurted out, painting Qingyan's lapel red. Tian Zhu immediately fainted from this intense pain.

The elderly man, who was trapped within the Soul Flame, could not bear it anymore and bellowed, "Enough!"

His voice shakily continued, "Yun Luofeng, even if Tian Zhu was at fault, don't you think your maidservant is too cruel? He only used a stick to hit Zhong Ling'er, but your maidservant chopped off his entire arm! A vicious and merciless person like that isn't worthy to be called a woman!"

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. "If I didn't come to find her, who knows how your Tian Family would torture her! Hence, I won't have any pity for members of the Tian Family! However you harmed her, I will make you pay it back a hundredfold!"


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