Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 529: Yun Luofeng's Anger (2)

"I already told you that I'm not interested in the Tian Family at all, nor do I want to change my family name to Tian." Zhong Ling'er suddenly opened her eyes and angrily turned around, coldly glaring at Tian Zhu.

"You're seeking death!" Hearing this, Tian Zhu grew angrier and slammed the stick down with a bang, leaving a red imprint on her back.

Zhong Ling'er spat out a mouthful of blood, and her inner organs were all embroiled in pain. With a frosty smile, she said, "No matter how you hit me, I still won't obey you."

"What insolence! Zhong Ling'er, if it weren't for the fact that you are somewhat pretty, I wouldn't have you go seduce Young Master Tian Yu! With your status, it would be a miracle if you could be his concubine."

Zhong Ling'er's inward sneer intensified as she argued, "By following my master, I can be the proper wife of someone, but by entering Tian Family, I can only be a concubine? The superiority and inferiority between wife and concubine are apparent."

"I really don't know whether to say you are stupid or foolish. Don't you understand the logic behind how being the concubine of a son of nobility is better than being the wife of a servant?"

"I, Zhong Ling'er, would rather be the wife of someone poor than the concubine of someone rich! I don't seek to live a life of luxury, living without worrying about food is already enough!" Zhong Ling'er supported her body to stand up. Her body was slightly trembling as she heavily leaned against the ancient tree behind her with resolution in her bright eyes.

In her life, if she could find someone to live together until death did they part and have mutual respect in their marriage, it would be superior to living a life of luxury.

Long Fei arrived just as Zhong Ling'er spoke these words. Although her voice was very weak, it was as melodious as a black-naped oriole and extremely sweet to Long Fei's ears.

She would rather be the wife of someone poor than the concubine of someone rich! In a world where the weak were prey to the strong, just how many people could possess such a virtuous and noble character? Hence, Long Fei could not help but feel admiration for this stubborn girl due to her words.

Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly saw the girl's body fall towards the ground. He was stunned for a moment before rushing forward without thinking and catching her delicate body that was about to land on the ground.

Zhong Ling'er's eyelashes imperceptibly trembled. Her complexion was pale, and her body was covered in crisscrossing scars, making her appear extremely weak.

A fury faintly bloomed in his heart, and his grave eyes turned to Tian Zhu.

"Who are you?" Upon seeing Long Fei's appearance, Tian Zhu's brows furrowed. "Don't you know this is the Tian residence? How dare you actually trespass!"

Long Fei snorted and picked Zhong Ling'er in his arms before coldly saying, "No matter what, she's your daughter. Not only did you not take care of her for a single day, but you also tormented her like this. What is the difference between someone like you and a beast?"

On the way to the Tian residence, Qingyan and the others had already informed Long Fei about the objective of this journey, so he thoroughly understood the relationship between Zhong Ling'er and the Tian Family. Even if Tian Zhu did not like Zhong Ling'er, his blood still flowed through her veins, so how could he bear to treat her like this?

"She's my daughter; I'll hit her if I want and kill her if I want. Who are you to butt into my business? Since I'm the one who gave her life, she's not permitted to resist regardless of how I treat her!"

Long Fei tightly held onto Zhong Ling'er's body while glaring at Tian Zhu. "I'm afraid you have no control over the life of this woman! Moreover, don't count on the people from the Tian Family to rescue you! They can't even save themselves right now!"


Tian Zhu was taken aback for a moment, not comprehending the meaning of his words. The other party's punch landed on him squarely and threw him back.

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