Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 528: Yun Luofeng's Anger (1)

Fear finally appeared in the eyes of the elderly man. He could not help but take a few steps back as he watched Yun Luofeng with an unsightly expression.

"Are you bluffing to scare me?"

Yun Luofeng smiled. "You will know in a moment whether I'm bluffing or not."

After she spoke her words, an intense pain abruptly shot from the old man's body. The pain was inescapable, as though a slab of stone was continuously grinding on his body.

At the same time, a burst of green flame appeared in his surroundings. The flame incinerated his body, causing his spirit to also burn in pain as though it was being ripped apart.

Soul Flame! It was actually Soul Flame!

Just how strong did the spirit of this young girl have to be in order for her to even maneuver Soul Flame?

He believed that if this continued, his spirit would definitely disperse, and he could never reincarnate!

"Stop! Stop already!" the elderly man wailed in anguish, "I promise you, I will return Zhong Ling'er to you, stop this quickly!"

"Why should I believe you?" Yun Luofeng's brows slightly raised. "Have your people retrieve Zhong Ling'er. I will decide on your fate after I see her! If she's injured in any manner, I will let you taste the feeling of your spirit dispersing!"

The elderly man suddenly became anxious, and he secretly prayed that Zhong Ling'er's father did not torture her. Otherwise, he was afraid that his spirit would really disperse!

"Tian Xuan!" The old man gritted his teeth. "Bring him to Tian Zhu's residence!"

"Yes, Father."

Tian Xuan's eyes were dark, but after seeing that even his own father was completely defeated by Yun Luofeng, he did not have any intention to resist, so he could only lead Long Fei toward the entrance.

Under Tian Xuan's guidance, the traps were of no trouble, and Long Fei easily entered the Tian residence.

At this time, in a small, remote courtyard, Tian Zhu held a rod in his hand and was using it to ruthlessly hit a young girl's snow-white skin.

The girl's clothes were already shredded into pieces, and her once beautiful hair lay behind her in disarray. Her body was covered with ghastly horizontal marks, and her small, pale face was drenched in drops of sweat as big as beans.

She tightly bit on her colorless lips and silently accepted Tian Zhu's flogging.

"You rebellious daughter, I regret allowing your mother to give birth to a rebellious daughter like you back then. You will anger me to death!"

Tian Zhu mercilessly lectured Zhong Ling'er, as though he wanted to vent all the humiliation that he suffered on her.

"If you had obediently listened to Family Head's words, perhaps I would also rise in standing as well and wouldn't be frequently bullied by those from the direct lineage! Let me tell you, as my daughter, you wouldn't exist without me! So you must do whatever I have you do without any disobedience!"

Zhong Ling'er snorted and closed her eyes, her pale face revealing her decision to accept death.

She definitely would not obey the orders of the Tian Family! Yun Luofeng was the only one who could make her submit in her entire life.

Seeing Zhong Ling'er's stubborn appearance, Tian Zhu became more furious. He scooped up some salt water from the side and ferociously splashed it on her body.


The salt water soaked into the broken skin, creating an intense pain and making her inhale sharply and her body to ceaselessly shudder.

"Zhong Ling'er, if you want to enter the genealogical record of Tian Family, go seduce Young Master Tian Yu!"

Tian Yu was the most prominent member of the younger generation of Tian Family and was also the direct grandson of the head of the household! This was why Tian Zhu wanted Zhong Ling'er to go seduce Tian Yu.


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