Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 521: Strength of Yun Luofeng (1)

Before the mountain gate, the girl's white robe fluttering in the fierce wind, her lips showing a wicked curve, she looked right into the eyes of the old man.


She replied to the old man's provocation with only one word. Compared with the old man's aggressiveness, she looked quite graceful.

"How arrogant she is!"

Flying into a rage, the elders of the Tian Family were all eager to give this arrogant girl a lesson. However, when they just pulled out their weapons, the old man's cold voice rang.

"Back off, all of you!" The old man slightly narrowed his eyes and ordered harshly.

Hearing his order, though they didn't want to, they still slowly retreated behind the old man.

"I'll deal with this little girl by myself."

The old man looked at the girl who was releasing a wicked yet lazy aura, his eyes shining with a grim light. He was so confident that he even didn't pull out his weapon before he dashed at Yun Luofeng.

As a sky-level spirit cultivator, he was really fast! When the crowd realized what had happened, he had already reached the front of Yun Luofeng. Carrying a fierce wind, his palm struck at her gorgeous face with a swooshing sound.

From the beginning to the end, she looked quite calm.

However, when the old man's palm was going to reach her, the girl suddenly raised the corners of her lips...

The smile was evil and unruly, like a snake crawling from the depths of the earth, making people shudder.


The old man gathered all his spirit energy and attacked Yun Luofeng with all his might. His attack was so fierce that the air around him was suddenly frozen.

"Hahaha, Yun Luofeng, this is for your provocation to the Tian Family!" Tian Xuan guffawed.

In his view, Yun Luofeng was doomed to die under the attack of his father. But soon his smile froze, his eyes wide open with astonishment, and he unbelievingly stared at the place where Yun Luofeng was standing. She had suddenly disappeared!


Just as the old man's fierce attack was going to reach Yun Luofeng, she suddenly disappeared, and the power of his attack fell on an ancient tree in front of him. In an instant, the tree fell down and the splashed dust almost covered the mountain gate.

"Where is she?" The elders of Tian Family were also shocked. They couldn't believe that a living person would suddenly disappear like that! However, when all the people were wondering, suddenly, a weak voice rang from nowhere.

"Look, the one in the sky... Is it Yun Luofeng?"

Hearing this, all of the people raised their heads and turn their eyes to the blue sky...

In the sky, she was standing there, her hands clasped behind back, her white robe gently fluttering. It was the most beautiful scene, making everyone hold their breath.

"A... a sky-level spirit cultivator?"

"Oh my god, she's a sky-level spirit cultivator, a fifteen-year-old sky-level spirit cultivator! It's a shame that this woman doesn't belong to the Tian Family."

The elders of the Tian Family were all stunned. She could fly in the air! What did it mean? It meant that this fifteen-year-old girl had already become a sky-level spirit cultivator!

Was there really someone in the world who could become a sky-level spirit cultivator at the age of 15?

Among the crowd, Tian Xuan was the most shocked one. His face was stiff, and his body shook violently. He always thought that no one could compare with him because he had become a sky-level spirit cultivator at such a young age!


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