Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 520: The Jufeng Bird

Usually used as a flying mount, Jufeng Bird was not very intelligent and would only take orders from its master instead of taking the initiative to save its master.

Ye Ling nodded his head and turned to watch the fight in the air again.


In the air, the Jufeng Bird rammed into Tian Xuan with its huge body and issued a deafening twittering sound, which was like a thunderclap rumbling by the ear.

This was the ability of Jufeng Bird!

Though it was not quite powerful, its voice could disturb the opponent's mind and make their ears humming.


At this moment, like a bolt of lightning, Long Fei jumped off the back of the Jufeng Bird and appeared behind Tian Xuan...

Tian Xuan tried to block the Jufeng Bird's voice with spiritual energy, but it was too late. Long Fei kicked Tian Xuan's butt hard and kicked his body out of the sky.

Then Long Fei jumped down from the void too, his foot stepping on Tian Xuan's back. With a loud thud, a big pit appeared on the ground and the two fell into it.

The smoke was spreading throughout the mountain gate.

Tian Xuan coughed and slowly climbed out of the pit. Grimly staring at Long Fei's cool face, he snorted, "Since you've made such a big noise, my father and the other elders of the Tian Family must have heard it. You guys will be so dead when they come!"

In fact, Tian Xuan had already regretted it. He should not have come out by himself. Instead, he should have enticed them into the mountain gate and killed them with traps! Who would expect that Yun Luofeng brought such a person with her? He was just fighting to a draw against an earth-level spirit cultivator! If this news was spread, it would be a big disgrace for him!

Yes! In Tian Xuan's mind, he was tied with Long Fei and he would never admit that he had lost!


Suddenly, an old voice came from ahead. Hearing the voice, Tian Xuan was quite excited. Looking eagerly at the old man who stepped out of the gate, he shouted with joy, "Father!"

Behind the old man there were elders of the Tian Family, all of whom glared at Yun Luofeng and her companions.

"Miss Yun," the old man nodded to Tian Xuan and turned his head to Yun Luofeng, saying coldly, "don't you think you've gone too far? You killed a disciple of the Tian Family and tried to break through our mountain gate! Now you have killed so many of our disciples. We've never offended you. Why are you so outrageous? Please give me a reason!"

"I just want to know where Zhong Ling'er is, but you refuse to tell me, so I can only find out about it in my own way," said Yun Luofeng, who raised the corners of her lips and gave a wicked smile.

"Zhong Ling'er is a disciple of the Tian Family. It has nothing to do with you no matter how we deal with her. Just mind your own business," the old man said coldly, frowning.

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, "She is my person, so the Tian Family... can't decide her fate!"

"Hum!" the old man snorted, "Then show me your strength!"

Tian Xuan's eyes shone with excitement as he found that his father had become enraged.

His father finally decided to teach these people a lesson! He would love to see how these people died in misery! Especially the woman Yun Luofeng! She wouldn't be able to resist a single blow of his father.


His father could kill her in a second just with his momentum!

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