Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 519: Long Fei's Strength

"Boy, you think you are something?" Tian Xuan proudly raised his chin and said grimly, "If you really are, defeat me!"

Long Fei narrowed his eyes, and an icy gleam flashed across his eyes. Without any hesitation, he dashed at Tian Xuan again.

"You want to fail again?" Tian Xuan, with a sneer, turned around in an instant and struck at the man with his palm, a murderous desire in his eyes.

However, when his palm was going to reach the man's chest, his body suddenly turned to a puff of smoke and disappeared...

"Ghosting?" Tian Xuan was stunned. Smelling a rat, he tried to turn around and resist the killing air he suddenly felt, but it was obviously too late.


The machete sliced across Tian Xuan's neck, and blood jetted out and dyed his whole neck red.

"Boy, it seems that I underestimated you," Tian Xuan drew back a few steps and touched the back of his neck only to see blood all over his hand, the murderous intent in his eyes growing more intense. "You hid from my eyes with ghosting! But there is a striking difference between a sky-level spirit cultivator and an earth-level one..."

After saying this, Tian Xuan's body suddenly rose into the air and he stood in the void. At first, thinking it was easy to defeat Long Fei, he didn't fly into the air, but it turned out that the boy was really hard to deal with, so he had to fight with him in the air!

Looking down at Long Fei on the ground, Tian Xuan laughed again, "If you are really confident in your strength, fight with me in the air."

If General Yun were here, he would have broken out into curses at his shamelessness. As a sky-level spirit cultivator, he was asking an earth-level spirit cultivator to have a duel with him in the air? There were very few people who were as shameless as him on the whole continent.

Long Fei silently put his finger into his mouth and whistled, and soon a twittering sound was heard from the void. The crowd looked up only to see a Jufeng Bird quickly flying in this direction from the void. As quick as a bolt of lightning, it soon reached the front of Long Fei.

Long Fei gently stroked the Jufeng Bird's head and said softly, "Pal, sorry, I didn't let you follow me to the Tian Family. Now, let's fight together."

Hearing the words of the man, the Jufeng Bird uttered a joyful sound, and Long Fei jumped up and stood on the back of the bird, rapidly rising into the air.

"You asked me to fight with you in the air, and now I'm here. Can we start now?" Long Fei coldly stared at Tian Xuan.

Tian Xuan's face changed for he didn't expect that Long Fei had a Jufeng Bird. But before he said anything, the Jufeng Bird cried out loud and began to attack Tian Xuan...

"Master," Ye Ling was surprised, "Why was Long Fei almost killed since he had a flying spiritual animal in his hand?"

Watching the fight in the void, Yun Luofeng said, "The Jufeng Bird's strength is not very high. It would not help much even though Long Fei summoned it. Instead of helping Long Fei survive the hunting of the Tian Family, it would only be sacrificed in vain."

Long Fei was seriously injured and couldn't fight like he was now, so even if he had summoned this Jufeng Bird, he would have courted the hunting of sky-level spirit cultivators and got himself killed.


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