Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 517: Tian Xuan’s Idea (1)

Towering above the mountains, a majestic mountain gate stood. With its bronze color, it looked really solemn under the sun.

Yun Luofeng stopped, stared at the bronze gate with her dark eyes and ordered coldly, "Get out of my way!"


Qingyan and Ye Ling took several steps back and Long Fei, though he had no clue what would happen, also retreated a few steps along with them. After they did so, a longsword suddenly appeared before Yun Luofeng. The sword was floating in the air and shining with an icy light.

"Chop!" The girl was expressionless yet domineering, her voice overbearing and powerful.


Hardly had her voice finished when the longsword fell from the void and chopped on the bronze door. In a flash, the bronze door cracked, and then the crack spread to the whole gate. Soon the whole door shattered under Long Fei's startled eyes.

"Who is so bold to destroy the Tian Family's gate?"

A loud shout came from inside the door, and soon a cold-faced middle-aged man, followed by a group of people, came out of the mountain gate, his sharp eyes staring straight at Yun Luofeng.

"Where is Zhong Ling'er?" Yun Luofeng came straight to the point.

Tian Xuan raised the corners of his lips and sneered, "Zhong Ling'er is a disciple of the Tian Family. She will not come to see a mundane person like you! You are not qualified to meet our Tian Family's disciples, even though she is only from the collateral line."

In Tian Xuan's opinion, Yun Luofeng was not qualified to make friends with the people of the Tian Family, so why should he let Zhong Ling'er see her?

From what Tian Ya had experienced, Yun Luofeng was well aware of the Tian Family's snobbery. Not affected by Tian Xuan's ridicule, Yun Luofeng continued, "I came here to find Zhong Ling'er, and if you don't want to hand her over, I can only fight my way in."

In a moment, the girl released an intense killing intent. She slightly raised her eyebrow and coldly stared at Tian Xuan with her arrogant and unruly eyes. Under the fierce wind, his white robe was fluttering, and she was so domineering and unruly that no one could ignore her.

"Hahaha!" Tian Xuan guffawed, "I'd like to see how you fight your way in! Guards, catch these people who trespass on the Tian Family!"

"Yes, Young Master."

Hearing Tian Xuan's order, the disciples of the Tian Family pulled out their weapons in succession and rushed towards Yun Luofeng. At this moment, under the fierce wind, the girl raised her eyebrows and looked at them defiantly, her silk-like hair fluttering and her black eyes so calm that one would tremble under these eyes.

"Long Fei, solve them as quickly as possible."

Her eyes penetrated the people of the Tian Family and fell on the middle-aged man standing in front of the bronze door with a murderous gleam in his dark eyes.

Hearing Yun Luofeng's order, Long Fei quickly pulled out his weapon and shuttled among the disciples of the Tian Family like a black whirlwind. Wherever the whirlwind passed, a number of disciples fell to the ground and lay in their blood. Some of them didn't even know how they died!

This guy is too fast. Tian Xuan slightly narrowed his eyes, and a look of surprise flickered through his eyes. He is like a born assassin. If he is willing to serve us, the Tian Family will become stronger!

At the thought of this, Tian Xuan didn't pay attention to the dead disciples but came up with an idea.

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