Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 516: Domineering Yun Luofeng (4)

A failure is a failure, no matter how you failed...

The man in black felt his heart shiver. He kept replaying this sentence in his mind over and over again and after quite a while, he suddenly felt enlightened. He looked up and gazed at the girl with her back to him.

"Thank you, Miss. I get what you mean! From now on, I will never fall into the enemy's trap again!" A determined look appeared on his face, "Please take me as your subordinate. I can give my life for you!"

Yun Luofeng finally turned around and raised her eyebrows gently. "Do you hate the Tian Family?"

"Yes!" The man in black's eyes suddenly turned icy, "I wish I could drink their blood, eat their flesh, and cut them into pieces! Miss, as long as you agree to take me to the Tian Family with you, my life will be yours from now on."

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin, "If you want me to take you to the Tian Family, give me a good reason! And what has the Tian Family done to you to make you so angry?

"Those b*stards bullied my master!" The man in black clenched his fists, "Unfortunately, my master can't come to this place, so I came here for her!"

Yun Luofeng silently gazed at the man in black.

"Master, do you feel it too?" Inside her soul, Xiao Mo's voice rang, "This man's breath is very faint! But his strength is not bad, and I can feel that he is not carrying a treasure to conceal his breath."

In general, if you were following someone who was less powerful than you, you could successfully conceal your breath. However, if your opponent was a master, no matter how you tried, he would find you anyway. But the man in black was different! He was like a born assassin who could conceal his breath in front of anyone! He could even successfully assassinate those stronger than him.

"Master, if I'm not wrong, this man's gift is very special. Now it's still day, and if it's night, you might not be able to feel the faintest indication of his breath."

Unfortunately, this time, he accidentally fell into a trap of the Tian Family and had exposed himself. Otherwise, the masters of the Tian Family would probably have been assassinated by him.

"Your name?" asked Yun Luofeng, raising the corners of her lips.

Hearing the girl's words, the man was quite happy, and he took off the black veil on his face and revealed a very handsome face.

"Master, my name is Long Fei."

To avenge his master, he could risk everything he had! As long as he could kill the b*stards of the Tian Family, he was willing to serve the woman for ten years, let alone just three years!

"Qingyan, bandage his wound, and when he recovers, we'll go on."

"Yes, Miss."


In a sumptuous room, the old man was meditating with his eyes closed, and suddenly a flustered voice came in.

"Master, something bad happened! Tian Yue, a disciple of the Third Elder's line, was killed by Yun Luofeng!"


The old man abruptly opened his eyes, and with a thud, he struck his palm against the wall, and the whole wall collapsed.

"How dare the woman kill a disciple of our family? Does she think we are all weaklings who will be trampled on by her? Let's go, I'm going to kill this woman with my own hands and let her know the consequence of offending the Tian Family!"


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