Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 513: Domineering Yun Luofeng (1)

Obviously, in the old man's opinion, Yun Luofeng was just a trivial existence.

Zhong Ling'er snorted and turned her head away, refusing to look at the old man.

"Little girl," the old man's eyes darkened and he sneered, "You should feel honored for being allowed to be part of the Tian Family. The Tian Family is way more powerful than the General's Estate! Only by serving the Tian Family can you have a promising future."

Hearing the old man's words, Zhong Ling'er finally turned her eyes to him, her lips showing a sarcastic curve. "I don't know how you want me to serve the Tian Family."

"Haha," the old man rolled his eyes and forced a smile. "Girl, you have no talent. Normally you couldn't even become a middle-level spirit cultivator in your entire life, but now you are a high-level spirit cultivator."

Zhong Ling'er didn't interrupt the old man, but the sneer on her face was spreading.

"So..." the old man paused and continued, "I guess that you must have some precious treasure that helped you break through so fast. Would you like to show me that treasure?"

The old man was literally telling Zhong Ling'er to give the treasure to the Tian Family!

"I'm sorry," Zhong Ling'er raised the corners of her lips, a mocking gleam in her bright eyes, "It's because of my master's training that I could break through to my present level. I don't have any treasure like what you just mentioned."

The old man's face immediately turned somber, and he slightly narrowed his eyes. "Do you think I'm an idiot? What does Yun Luofeng have to make a mediocre person like you break through to a high-level spirit cultivator? As a disciple of the Tian Family, it is simply unforgivable to keep that treasure to yourself!"

The Tian Family?

When the two words jumped into Zhong Ling'er's ears, a resentful look appeared in her eyes, "My last name is Zhong, not Tian, and I'm not the disciple of the Tian Family!"

"How dare you!"


Hearing the rebellious words uttered by Zhong Ling'er, the middle-aged man standing next to her jumped to slap her. Soon, her delicate little face flushed and a trace of blood oozed from a corner of her mouth.

"How dare you talk to Master like this? If it wasn't for me, you would not be able to come to this world! Now you even dare to disobey me? Kneel down and apologize to Master."

Zhong Ling'er clenched her fist and said with a sneer, "I'd rather I had never been born than have a biological father like you! No, you are not worthy to be my father, you are a beast!"

"Shut up!" The middle-aged man glared at her, "Your mother was just a village woman! It is a blessing for her to have my baby! Otherwise, a person like you would never be able to enter the Tian Family in your life. Now get down on your knees!"

Zhong Ling'er stubbornly turned her little face away, clenching her fist harder.

"You darn girl, if I don't teach you a lesson, you are simply not aware of who you are!"


The middle-aged man kicked Zhong Ling'er hard at the back of her knees, and Zhong Ling'er's knees couldn't help falling toward the ground. Just when she was going to kneel down, she made her knees stop in the air, only one inch off the ground...

Her legs were trembling, her little face turned pale, and cold sweat kept running down from her forehead and dripped on the ground before her.

The old man glanced at Zhong Ling'er with surprise. He didn't expect that she could hold her knees under such a fierce attack. Such perseverance was shocking.

Unfortunately, the old man didn't know what kind of a devil training the members of the corps had received in the Yun Family during the six months. After being trained like that, all the people had acquired the power of determined will.


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