Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 512: Zhong Ling’er

"By the way..." Something occurred to Tian Xuan and he asked, "I heard that some time ago, Tian Haoqing, a disciple from the lateral line, came back with a girl. She had entered the Tian Family a few years ago, but an aptitude test showed that she had no talent and would never become a middle-level spirit cultivator! But in just a few years, the girl has become a high-level spirit cultivator."


The old man raised his eyebrows slightly, "Let Tian Haoqing bring that girl here."

Tian Xuan hesitated and said, "Yes, Father," as if he wanted to say something.

"Anything else? the old man asked, glancing at him.

"Father, that girl..." Tian Xuan frowned, "is the maid of the heiress of the General's Estate in the Longyuan Kingdom. After we captured her, the heiress was enraged and issued a challenge to the Tian Family."

"The heiress of the General's Estate? What about her aptitude and strength?" the old man asked dismissively.

Tian Xuan thought about it and replied, "Her aptitude is not bad, and she has become an earth-level spirit cultivator at the age of fifteen."

What Yun Luofeng had done in the Ning Family was only known to the people of the Ning Family, and the Ning Family had blocked all the news of this so as not to cause any trouble to her. Therefore, these people didn't know that she had already broken through to a sky-level spirit cultivator.

"An earth-level spirit cultivator is like an ant to us. No need to fear her." The old man smiled faintly. "Find an earth-level spirit cultivator from the collateral line to solve her. No need to bother the disciples from the direct line for such a lowly person."

"Yes, Father." Tian Xuan made an obeisance and strode outside the door.

Not long after, the disciples of the Tian Family guarded a girl to enter the room, and the girl was accompanied by a middle-aged man who looked somewhat like her.


Not expecting that the noble master would meet him in person one day, the middle-aged man was quite excited.

"Well," the old man nodded and said indifferently, "is this your daughter?"

"Yes, Master."

The middle-aged man hurriedly poked the girl beside him and said anxiously, "Ling'er, kneel down to Master."

However, the girl next to him didn't move, her bright eyes filled with coldness.

"Ling'er, get down on your knees!" The middle-aged man shouted out loud.

A mocking smile was hovering on Zhong Ling's lips. "I will not kneel down to earth or heaven but only to my master. Why should I kneel down to you?"

The middle-aged man, though he knew Zhong Ling was quite obstinate, didn't expect that she could be so obstinate. He broke into a cold sweat and hurriedly kowtowed to the old man with great force.

"Master, this girl just came back to the Tian Family. She is still not familiar with our rules. Please don't be angry with me!"

He didn't care if the b*tch was courting death or not, but she couldn't implicate him. If he had known that, he wouldn't have taken her back!

"Hum!" The old man snorted, and said without any expression, "You really should teach her some manners! How can she be so rude? Besides, the people of the Tian Family are much more honorable than a General's Estate's heiress, even though you are from the collateral line. How dare you acknowledge such a lowly person as your master? You are just abasing yourself!"

Zhong Ling'er sneered, "My master is much better than you people! She will come to save me, and then she will wipe out the whole Tian Family!"

"Hahaha! The old man laughed out loud, "Little girl, you really overestimate her. An earth-level spirit cultivator can't threaten the Tian Family."

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