Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 511: The Purpose of Yun Luofeng

"Where are we going, old man?

Pulled along by the little old man's hand, Lin Ruobai could only hear a swooshing sound in her ears from the air rushing past. Her hair was in a mess and brushing her delicate little face.

"Let's go to the Tian Family!" The little old man gritted his teeth and uttered these words.

Lin Ruobai, who had just been relishing snacks and didn't hear the discussion downstairs, blinked in astonishment after hearing the little old man's words. "Didn't you say you had something to do? Why are we going to the Tian Family now?"

"The bastards of the Tian Family have pissed off our master! I'm going to help Miss Yun!" He didn't intend to go to the Tian Family so soon, but these people were so bold that they even pissed off Yun Luofeng!

He had to go there now!

"But..." Lin Ruobai reached out her other hand in the direction of the inn and almost cried. "My snacks... at least let me take my snacks away, boohoo..."

Tian Ya, regardless of Lin Ruobai's words, pulled her along and raced forward so wildly she was airborne. Because he was too fast, Lin Ruobai fainted...


Tian Mountain was where the Tian Family was located.

The Tian Mountain was divided into several layers. It was just like a city filled with people, where the common people lived on the lowest level. The higher the layer where one was living, the stronger their power was.

The Tian Family lived on the peak!

Walking on the bottom of the mountain, Qingyan looked at Yun Luofeng with a puzzled look and blinked curiously. "Miss, why did we issue a letter of challenge to the Tian Family before we went to them and make it known to all?"

"To inform a person of this matter," said Yun Luofeng and her eyes darkened.

Since Tian Ya left with Xiao Bai, she didn't know where they had gone. If she wanted to inform Tian Ya, this was the only way. That was why she issued a letter of challenge.

"Miss, who are you trying to inform?" Qingyan grew more curious and stared intently at Yun Luofeng.

Facing the curious eyes of the little girl, Yun Luofeng smiled mysteriously, "You will find out later!"


On the peak of the Tian Mountain, a towering building stood. The building was luxurious and magnificent, with the size of a city. It was hard to tell how many disciples were living in it.

At this moment, in the study of the building, an old man stopped writing and frowned at the middle-aged man who just came in, "How is it going, Xuan'er? Did that old fool Tian Ya agree to come back to the Tian Family?"

"Father," said the middle-aged man with a bitter smile, "he said he was looking for Fusheng, and he didn't want to go back to the Tian Family! I think Tian Ya has no affection for our family. We should just give up on him."



The old man exerted a force and broke the writing brush in his hand into two pieces.

With a grim look, he said coldly, "Tian Ya belongs to the Tian Family. We must bring him back to the Tian Family!"

"Father, since Tian Ya loves that woman so much, we can find someone to disguise as her and seduce him."

"No," the old man shook his head. "Tian Ya is no longer the man he was a few decades ago. He is a very good doctor and no disguising can escape his eyes!"

Tian Xuan quieted down. After quite a while, he said, "Father, there are many outstanding young people in our family. We can train them. Why do you insist on taking Tian Ya back?"

Old man helplessly sighed, "Tian Ya is not only powerful but also an excellent physician. Even the Association of Physicians can't exceed him. Such a person must belong to the Tian Family, and we can even make him the leader of the Tian Family! Unfortunately, he was deeply hurt, so he just ignores us."


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