Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 510: Shameless Tian Family (2)

This was why Tian Xuan dared to speak like this. In the whole world, his father was the only remaining family of Tian Ya, so he would not kill him!

"You're the son of that jerk?" The little old man grabbed Tian Xuan's by the collar. "I was wondering why your name sounded so familiar. It turns out you are his son! I had always been good to him since we were children, and he conspired with those people to scheme against me!"


Tian Ya threw Tian Xuan down to the ground again, his eyes icy, "Go back and tell that bastard. After I find Fusheng, I will go back to settle accounts with them. Don't think I will always put up with you! I just don't have the time to settle with you! You are just so stupid to assume that I have forgiven what the Tian Family did to me, and how you throw your weight around in my name!"

Tian Xuan was stunned, his face anxious, "Uncle Tian Ya, you can't be blinded by lust for that woman. Don't you forget that jealous woman not only left you but also secretly sent assassins to kill you."

Hearing this, the little old man glanced at him with a faint smile, as if nothing could escape his eyes, "Are you sure that the one who wanted to assassinate me was Fusheng?"

Tian Xuan's heart suddenly shivered, and a look of panic flashed through his eyes.

Did Uncle Tian Ya already know that the one who sent assassins to kill him was from the Tian Family?

No! It was impossible. If he had found out about this, he would have done something to revenge against the Tian Family! He must be bluffing!

"Uncle Tian Ya, I'm sure it was that woman who wanted to kill you. My father found out about her evil plan. And all we have done is just for your own good."

"You can get out," said Tian Ya, growing impatient, "or do you want me to throw you out? But I can't control my power well. If I accidentally kill you, your *sshole father would probably keep pestering me."

Making up his mind, Tian Xuan gritted his teeth and waved, "Let's go!"

Just before he left, Tian Xuan looked back at the little old man with a grim look in his eyes and then turned away without looking back.

Looking at the retreating figures of these people, Lin Ruobai took out a piece of a snack, put it into her mouth and lisped, "Old man, why did you let them go?"

If she was not wrong, there was an intense killing intent in the old man's eyes just now. She didn't understand why he didn't kill them.

"Haha," the little old man sneered, "The people of the Tian Family won't live for long. Today I have something else to do, so I temporarily forgave him. When I finish my matters, I will make them pay for what they have done to me!"

No longer speaking, Lin Ruobai relished the delicious snack on the table.

Just as the little old man was about to enter the room, he heard a murmur of discussion downstairs and stopped.

"Have you heard the news that Yun Luofeng, the granddaughter of General Yun of the Longyuan Kingdom, issued a challenge to the Tian Family, claiming that she would visit the Tian Family soon?"

"I've heard about it. It seems that the people of the Tian Family took her subordinate away, so in a rage she issued a challenge to the Tian Family."

"By the way, what is the Yun Family? Why haven't I heard of it before?"

Issued a challenge to the Tian Family?

Enraged again, the little old man rushed into the room, lifted Lin Ruobai in his hand, and rushed out of the inn.

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