Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 508: Set out for Tian Family (2)

After that, Xiao Mo's body gradually turned transparent and faded away with the wind.


Qingyan had just arrived only to find that there was only Yun Luofeng in the entire courtyard. Xiao Mo, who was dragged away by her, had disappeared.

"Miss, where is Little Master?" Qingyan blinked in surprise. "Don't tell me you killed him to keep his mouth shut!"

Yun Luofeng grimly glanced at Qingyan.

Overwhelmed by horror, Qingyan shuddered and hurriedly explained, "Miss, I'm kidding but it is really strange that Little Master just disappeared."

"He has something to do. Call Ye Ling, we set out for the Tian Family at once."

"Yes, Miss." Qingyan no longer dared to ask and respectfully replied.

The top priority was to save Zhong Ling'er!


At this point, in an inn not far away from the Longyuan Kingdom, the little old man tasted his tea and had a satisfied smile on his chrysanthemum-like wrinkled face.

"Since I tasted Miss Yun's spiritual tea, I've become so picky with tea. Except for the spiritual tea, no other tea is to my taste."

Lin Ruobai, with her chin in her hand, asked in a bored tone, "Old man, what do you want me to do for you? Just finish it as soon as possible. I want to go back and serve my master."

"Don't worry. There is one thing that only you can help me to get," the little old man said leisurely. "After I get the medicine, I will give half of it to your master as your payment."

Lin Ruobai curled her red lips, "What about me? Am I just free labor?"

The little old man turned his eyes to Lin Ruobai and said seriously, "Xiao Bai, don't worry. I'll give you the most precious thing, which is much more precious than the medicine."

Lin Ruobai's eyes lit up, "What's that?"

"Well..." The little old man gently stroked his beard and laughed, "that is the precious experience! You grew up in the Spirit God Mountains and have very little contact with the outside world, nor any experience. Since I brought you out this time, you can experience adventure, so isn't it the most..."

Before he finished, Lin Ruobai had picked up a cup of tea and hurled it at him.


With a muffled thud, a large lump appeared on the little old man's head and the tea water spilled all over him.

He shook his head helplessly, "Alas, the young people today are really grumpy. I was just kidding. Why did you take it so seriously?"

"Humph!" Lin Ruobai snorted and turned her head, refusing to look at him again.

"Alright, Xiao Bai, I forgive you. And we have guests now."


Lin Ruobai was stunned. When she turned around to check, the door was pushed open and a group of blue-robed people entered the room. Among the men, the leading man was a middle-aged man who made an obeisance and said respectfully, "Uncle Tian Ya, I've finally found you."

The little old man faintly smiled, "I last met two people who I didn't know but called me Uncle. Now here comes one again. Alas, is it the fashion nowadays?"

The middle-aged man smiled in embarrassment. "Uncle Tian Ya, I'm Tian Xuan of the Tian Family, and I'm supposed to call you Uncle by kinship. I came here to take you home."

"I'm a loner with no home. Please go back and don't force me to do something bad to you!"

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