Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 500: Yun Luofeng Was Proposed To (3)

When Yun Luo was speaking, Yun Luofeng had already seen the betrothal gifts filling the whole hall. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Who is going to marry in our family? Is it Qingyan and Ye Ling?"

"Well..." Yun Luo hesitated and answered softly, "these betrothal gifts are for you."

Yun Luofeng frowned. These betrothal gifts were for her? Keeping silent for a while, she looked up at Yun Luo, "Do you know who sent these here?"

"I don't know."

Yun Luo shook her head, "Even the Luofeng Pavilion can't find out the owner of these betrothal gifts."


Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips and walked slowly to those betrothal gifts. The power inside her body suddenly rushed out and she looked down at these betrothal gifts, expressionless.

"In that case, I'll burn them."


Hardly had her voice faded away when a flame transformed from spiritual energy came out of her palm and quickly flung itself upon the betrothal gifts. In a moment all these betrothal gifts were burned to ashes. The girl clapped her hands, turned to look at the stunned Yun Luo and said with a faint smile, "Problem solved."

Yun Luo swallowed hard. It seemed that his granddaughter was much more decisive than he was! He couldn't figure out how to deal with these betrothal gifts for so many days...

"Hahaha," Yun Luo laughed out loud, "Little Feng'er, Xin'er, tell me what happened in the Ning Family! I want to know every detail of it."

Yun Luo knew his own granddaughter well. Since she had returned, the conflict with Fourth Elder of the Ning Family must have been settled. So he asked Yun Luofeng to tell him what happened in the Ning Family with an easy mind, thinking that he could brag about it later. Yun Luo, however, only knew that Yun Luofeng would give Fourth Elder a hard time. He didn't expect that the little girl following Yun Luofeng had such a strong background. And to his shock, Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya were also friends. After hearing what had happened, Yun Luo was dumbfounded and couldn't recover from the shock for quite a while.


In an inn, a man, standing with his back towards the door, was quietly listening to the reporting of his subordinate. After quite a while, he finally responded, his handsome yet wicked face raising a smile.

"You said that Yun Luofeng burned the betrothal gifts?"

"Young Master, I saw that scene with my own eyes! That's why I came back to report it to you."

"It's alright," Bai Su smiled and waved, "You can leave."

"Yes, Young Master."

The guard made an obeisance, rose from the ground, turned around and left the room. After he shut the door behind him, the room quieted down again. After quite a while, the wicked voice of the man slowly rang, "This Yun Luofeng... is much more interesting than her mother."

At this time, slightly pursing her thin lips, a beautiful woman standing next to the man looked at the man's handsome face with a complex expression. "Young Master, do you really want to marry Yun Luofeng?"

"Yes," Bai Su slightly raised his eyebrows and gently stroked his chin, "because I think that this woman will be useful to the Bai Family! This is the only way to make her willingly serve the Bai Family!"

The beautiful woman was somewhat surprised, "Young Master, Yun Luofeng is only a general's granddaughter. Why will she be useful to the Bai Family?"

"She is quite gifted," Bai Su slightly narrowed his eyes, "and she and I are alike! If I'm not wrong, it's because this woman framed the Bai Family that the Xiao Family launched an attack against us some time ago! That's why I became interested in her."

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