Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 499: Yun Luofeng Was Proposed To (2)

The girl looked determined, her eyes resolute. Unless she died, she would not let anyone invade the Yun Family!

"Second Uncle, will you see Grandfather before you leave?" Yun Luofeng ruminated and asked.

"No," Yun Qingya shook his head, "he won't let me leave if he knows about it."

No one knew his father better than him! If his father knew he was going to a place like the Forest of No Return, he would never let him go! At the thought of this, Yun Qingya paused. "Little Feng'er, I will set out for the Forest of No Return tomorrow. Go back to the Yun Family and wait for me. Don't touch the Medical City before I come back."

He would have revenge against the Medical City with his own hands, to make them experience what he had been going through all these years.


Yun Luofeng gently nodded. She could understand Yun Qingya's thought. If she had been suffering for years because of an enemy, she would rather take revenge with her own hand than watch others kill that enemy!

"It's getting late. I'll go back and have a rest. Enjoy yourselves."

Not wanting to intrude further, Yun Luofeng smiled and turned away. The two would have a lot to talk with each other tonight...

At this moment, Yun Xiao's cool face popped up in her mind. She wondered how he was doing recently and whether he had left the Secret Realm. But, she believed, it wouldn't take long for Yun Xiao to come back to her...


The Longyuan Kingdom.

In the hall of the Yun Family Estate, looking at the betrothal gifts filling the whole hall, Yun Luo, with a puzzled look, rubbed his temples and asked in a low voice, "Haven't you found out who sent these betrothal gifts here?"

Ye Ling shook his head. "I've sent all the people of the Luofeng Pavilion to check, but they have no clue! So I don't know who wants to propose to Master."

"Alas," the old man sighed, "give me a break. Not again! And I don't know when Feng'er will come back."

Hardly had Yun Luo's voice faded away, a servant hurried in from outside the door, made an obeisance and reported respectfully, "Master, Miss and Miss Ning Xin have come back."


Yun Luo jumped to his feet, a look of joy on his old face, "Ning Xin is alright? That's great! Come on, let's welcome Feng'er back!"

Saying this, he strode to the outside of the door only to see two young girls who had just crossed the threshold. The white-robed girl was stunningly beautiful, with a charming smile on her gorgeous face and her dark unblinking eyes looking at Yun Luo standing in the courtyard. The other girl, tranquilly standing beside Yun Luofeng, was beautiful and elegant, with a pair of bright smiling eyes.

"You're back?" Yun Luo stopped and quietly looked at the two who were walking into the General Estate. After quite a while, he asked in a trembling voice, "By the way, where is Qingya?" Not seeing Yun Qingya's figure, Yun Luo had paused and asked this with a frown.

"Second Uncle went out for cultivation and it will take some time for him to come back," Yun Luofeng said with a smile.

She didn't tell Yun Luo the real destination of Yun Qingya in case the old man would worry about his son. If he had known his son had gone to such a dangerous place, he might not be able to sleep at night.

"Going out for cultivation?" Yun Luo was stunned. Without much thinking, he relaxed his frowning brows. "Feng'er, you came back just at the right time. I have something to tell you."

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