Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 494: Tragedy of Fourth Elder (10)

Elder Ning coolly glanced at him, "First of all, you are the one who killed your son, and secondly, show me how you can destroy the Ning Family!"

"Bullsh*t!" Fourth Elder's old face turned ferocious, and he roared with rage, "It's all you who killed him! He wouldn't have died if it weren't for Ning Xin! So, all of you shall die! Hahaha!" As he spoke, he began to accumulate his force, and his body was gradually inflating. The air pressure became so low that everybody felt suffocated.

"He wants to self-detonate!

Elder Ning's face turned pale, "And it's not going to be a common self-detonation. He wants to detonate his soul!"

As was known to all, a spirit cultivator's self-detonation would seriously injure the people nearby! In particular, Fourth Elder was going to detonate his soul!

The power of the soul was quite powerful! If he really blew himself up, among the people present, perhaps only Tian Ya could escape! Even Elder Ning would be seriously injured! Therefore, noticing what Fourth Elder wanted to do, Elder Ning's face turned solemn.

"You will have no reincarnation chance if you detonate your soul. Is it worth it?"

In general, very few people would detonate their souls! If the soul was gone, one would have no chance for reincarnation! If it weren't for a deep hatred, no one would kill his enemy in this way at the expense of the possibility of reincarnation!

However, Fourth Elder was clear that if he resorted to a common self-detonation, by Tian Ya and Elder Ning's strength, they could protect all the people present. He would rather completely disappear from the world than give up the chance of sending Ning Xin to accompany Ning Yuan.

"Ning Xin, I don't know what's good about b*tch like you! Why did Yuan'er sacrifice himself for you?! But you'll be done here! I will not let Yuan'er die alone!" With these words, he looked down at the body of Ning Yuan, and the grim smile on his face gradually disappeared and his face turned soft.

"Yuan'er, I can't accompany you any longer, but I will send Ning Xin to accompany you! Seize the chance! Even though I will not be able to have another life, I will fulfill your wish anyway."

Undoubtedly, the character of Fourth Elder and that of Master Ning were completely opposite. Master Ning would rather give up his daughter for his Family, while Fourth Elder loved his son wholeheartedly even though he had made so many mistakes!

"Haha! All of you, atone for your sin!"

The power inside Fourth Elder's body grew increasingly stronger, and an invisible storm appeared in the air. Under the storm, Fourth Elder's white hair was crazily dancing, his face turned ferocious again, and his eyes were as sharp as a poisoned dagger as if he could kill with his glare.


All of a sudden, a muffled thud was heard, and the inflated body of Fourth Elder deflated like a punctured balloon. He, stunned, turned around and looked at Yun Luofeng, who had suddenly shown up behind him. He asked with a trembling voice, "What... what have you done to me?"

Looking at his stunned face, Yun Luofeng cracked a lazy smile. "Don't forget, I am a physician."

A physician would know all acupoints and characteristics of human body well, so she used a silver needle to pierce a special acupoint of Fourth Elder's body and stop his self-detonation.

Tian Ya stared at Yun Luofeng with surprise, a look of shock in his eyes. As a physician, he knew better than anyone else what Yun Luofeng's action represented! After all, even he could not stop a person's self-detonation!


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