Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 493: Tragedy of Fourth Elder (9)

"Ning Xin, even if Yuan'er and I die here today, I'll drag you to hell and make you Yuan'er's wife anyways!"

Hardly had his voice faded away when, like a whirlwind, he had rushed towards Ning Xin with a cruel gleam in his eyes. He knew he couldn't beat Yun Luofeng! So he chose to take Ning Xin's life so that Yuan'er would not be alone in the afterlife.

"Watch out!"

Yun Qingya closely held Ning Xin's hand, pulled her into his arms, and turned his back to the Fourth Elder, his robe covering the girl's body. At the same time, another figure shot in their direction like an arrow. When Yun Qingya shielded Ning Xin with his own body, the figure had also stopped in front of Ning Xin.


With a powerful force, Fourth Elder's fist hit the young man hard on the chest. The thin body of the young man immediately fell to the ground and blood oozed out from his mouth.

Fourth Elder was startled. He stiffly raised his head and looked at the young man who just blocked the strike against Ning Xin with his own body, his voice slightly trembling, "Why?"

"Dad," Ning Yuan faintly smiled, his smile feeble and filled with endless sorrow, "Don't hurt Ning Xin..."

"Yuan'er, I did all of this for you. Can't you see it? These people won't let us go! You've stayed single all these years just for Ning Xin. I just want to make her your wife! Why did you save her?"

Fourth Elder's eyes popped out in disbelief, his old body violently trembling and his eyes burning with a raging flame as he angrily shouted at his son. He did all of this for him. Why was he so rebellious?

"Dad, even so, I don't want her to get hurt."

Ning Yuan forced a faint smile, "Sorry, I let you down..."

Then his body fell backward as if being overburdened, his eyelashes lightly quivered and he slowly closed his eyes.


Fourth Elder cried out loud in grief. He quickly moved his body, rushed to Ning Yuan, picked up the young man's body and shouted sadly, "Yuan'er, wake up! Don't scare me. It's all my fault. Just open your eyes and look at me..."

However, the young man was silent, his eyes shut. Fourth Elder's fist had crushed the heart of the young man, and even the best physician in the world would not be able to save his life!


Fourth Elder sadly howled into the air, the gut-wrenching cry long resounding above the Ning Family.

"Yuan'er, even if you would hate me, I'll still make Ning Xin accompany you to the underworld!" Filled with rage and hatred, Fourth Elder gently put down the body of Ning Yuan and turned his grim eyes to the girl who was in the arms of Yun Qingya.

"Ning Xin, why wouldn't you accept my son's love even though he loved you so much?" He gnashed his teeth and spoke word by word resentfully, "I believe that no man in the world would treat you better than my son. But b*tch, you refused such a good man and chose Yun Qingya! You had no right to reject my son's love!"

Elder Ning's face darkened, and he coldly stared at Fourth Elder, "Ning Yuan was a good boy. Unfortunately, he had a father like you! If it weren't for you, he would not have ended up like this!"

"Shut up!" Going completely mad, Fourth Elder turned his head to Elder Ning and shouted angrily, "if it weren't for the Ning Family, Yuan'er wouldn't have died. You were the murderers who killed him! I'm going to kill you to avenge Yuan'er!"

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