Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 492: Tragedy of Fourth Elder (8)

Extreme joy begat sorrow.

Fourth Elder quickly experienced this feeling. Just before his fist reached Yun Luofeng, her palm easily held his fist, and...


A force suddenly sprang into his mind and struck him hard on the soul. With this attack, his mind went completely blank, and before he figured out what had happened, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. His old body suddenly flew out and fell on the cold ground.


Fourth Elder coughed out a mouthful of blood. He stared at Yun Luofeng, his eyes no longer contemptuous but solemn.

"Little girl, I really underestimated you. I didn't expect that you could escape from my attack! You must have some secret skills! If I'm not wrong, you must have learned the technique of soul attack! Unfortunately, there is always a huge difference between a sky-level spirit cultivator and an earth-level spirit cultivator, no matter how many cards you hold."

Fourth Elder climbed up from the ground and sneered. Then, his body gradually rose from the ground and slowly ascended into the sky.

"The difference is that when someone becomes a sky-level spirit cultivator, they can fly into the air! Now can you see the difference between you and me? As long as I fly into the air, I can attack you, but you can't exert your attack on me."

With a smug smile on his face, he looked down at the people below with a cruel smile.

His eyes were fixed on Yun Luofeng, so he didn't notice the strange looks people were giving him...

"A sky-level spirit cultivator?" Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips, her smile cold and wicked, and her face domineering, "Do you think that you are the only sky-level spirit cultivator in the world?"


Fourth Elder was stunned. Obviously, he didn't understand what Yun Luofeng meant. However, before he could figure it out, he was stupefied at what he saw.

The girl, who had been standing in the courtyard, suddenly jumped into the air and reached the front of him in an instant. Before Fourth Elder had any time to react, Yun Luofeng had kicked at him, her movement creating a fierce wind. With a thud, the old man's body was kicked down from the air!

At this moment, Fourth Elder was totally dumbstruck, and he didn't recover from the shock until he hit the ground.

She was a sky-level spirit cultivator? When did this happen?

He remembered that a few months ago, the girl was only an earth-level low-rank spirit cultivator. After just a few months, she had broken through to be a sky-level spirit cultivator?


The body of Fourth Elder fell heavily and dug a deep pit in the ground. He lay in the pit, staring at the blue sky, his eyes glazed over...

At this moment, he recalled the words he had said before the battle and realized how ridiculous they were. It turned out that she didn't want to accept the challenge not because of fear but because of disdain!

"Dad!" Ning Yuan was greatly frightened, his face anxious and cold sweat all over his forehead.

"Yuan'er... " Suddenly drawn back to the reality by Ning Yuan's voice, Fourth Elder clenched his teeth tightly.


Ning Xin hadn't married Yuan'er. He couldn't just give up like this! If today he was doomed to die, then he would drag Ning Xin to hell along with them! Only in this way could Ning Xin become Yuan'er's wife! Thinking of this, Fourth Elder dragged his seriously injured body, leaped out of the pit, and dashed toward Ning Xin…

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