Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 489: Tragedy of Fourth Elder (5)

The little old man slowly turned his eyes to Ning Yuan, a sarcastic smile on his old face. "Young people today really disappoint me! Look, he didn't just throw his weight around, but also talked nonsense!"

"Hey, old man, who are you?

Seeing that the little old man dared speak to him like this, Ning Yuan flew into a great rage, his handsome face filled with anger.

"I'm sorry," the little old man slightly narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "but I'm that Tian Ya you just mentioned."

Hearing his words, Ning Yuan's face quickly changed, turning from blue to purple and then pale with rage, embarrassment, and shame. He tightly bit his lips and trembled slightly.

"No... no way. You're Tian Ya? It's impossible!"

Tian Lin didn't tell him at all that Tian Ya would go to the Ning Family, so the old man must be a fake.

"Gee," Lin Ruobai glanced at Ning Yuan's unbelieving face and cracked a bright smile, "Ning Yuan, are you too stupid or too gullible? That Tian Lin you mentioned did come to the Tian Family, but not to help you but to propose to Ning Xin!


Like being struck by a clap of thunder, Ning Yuan, who had not yet recovered from the previous shock, was stupefied. His 'good brother' came to the Ning Family not to help him out, but to propose to Ning Xin? When did the guy get a crush on Ning Xin? Why didn't he see any sign of it?

"As for this old man," Lin Ruobai paused, "he is really Tian Ya as recognized by the people of the Tian Family! Oh, and by the way, the bodies of the people of the Tian Family have been dragged out but probably haven't been buried yet. Shall I bring them back and show them to you?"

Ning Yuan stumbled and drew back a few steps, a look of despair in his eyes! It turned out that his 'trump card' couldn't withstand a single blow because of Tian Lin's betrayal and the little old man in front of him!

Ning Yuan bit his lips and asked, "Since the Ning Family knows Tian Ya well, why didn't we invite him to treat the old master earlier? Then he would not have suffered so much."

He wondered since Tian Ya was on good terms with the Ning Family, why didn't he come out to help the Ning Family? Was there any reason for that? From the beginning to the end, he didn't associate Tian Ya with Yun Luofeng! In his opinion, a person like Yun Luofeng was not qualified to make friends with Godly Doctor Tian Ya!

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

The following words of the little old man instantly threw Ning Yuan into hell. He stood transfixed with shock, motionless and expressionless.

"I don't have much to do with the Ning Family. This time I came here because I heard that Miss Yun was being bullied! I still want Miss Yun to take me as her disciple, so I have to give her a hand."

He meant that he came here just for Yun Luofeng and not for anyone else! The Ning Family looked down upon her? Alright, then he would let those who had despised her see how she was out of their league! He said these words on purpose. After all, he didn't know what had happened before he came here. He came here in a hurry just because he heard that Yun Luofeng was in trouble.

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