Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 488: Tragedy of Fourth Elder (4)

Hearing the little old man's words, Elder Ning added, "I stopped the Medical City once. I remember Lu Yin of the Medical City said that with Yun Qingya's status, he didn't deserve to have a fair duel with their young master and he should just stand still and take the beating!"

The little old man thought he himself was rather shameless, but he didn't expect that someone could even be shameless like this! He couldn't control his anger, and a powerful aura was released from his body. With a bang, the whole hall was reduced to ruins by his aura.

"Girl, don't worry, I will uphold justice for you!"

"No, thank you," Yun Luofeng shook her head, "this is between the Medical City and us, and we'd rather take revenge with our own hands. If you have time, I don't mind inviting you to go to the Medical City and enjoy the show."

The little old man was stunned and laughed, "Okay, before you start doing anything to the Medical City, don't forget to let me know. I'll be watching the show if I'm free."

As he said it, a servant rushed in, made an obeisance and reported, "Old Master, Master, I've brought Fourth Elder and Ning Yuan here."

Elder Ning waved his hand and said mildly, "Let them in."

"Yes." The servant responded and left. Soon, Fourth Elder and Ning Yuan were carried to the hall by several guards.

Looking at the ruins of the hall, Fourth Elder was surprised and wondered what had happened here, even thinking that perhaps the Ning Family had been destroyed.

Then, catching sight of the indifferent-looking Elder Ning, he quickly stopped thinking and tearfully complained, "Old Master, please uphold justice for me. This woman claimed that you gave her your jade pendant, then bossed around the Ning Family and even injured me. She really is unforgivable!"

Elder Ning raised his chin and smiled, "Really? But I heard you went to the Medical Pavilion and injured Yun Qingya?"

"Well..." Fourth Elder's heart trembled, "that was because Yun Qingya forcibly seized Miss Ning Xin, so I had to..."

"You had to?" Elder Ning said coldly, "Do you know that you delayed Xin'er's treatment? If Xin'er had died, could you accept responsibility for that?"

Fourth Elder clenched his fist and gave a hateful look to Yun Luofeng, "I was worried about Ning Xin. As the Ning Family knows many famous physicians, I just wanted to take her back and let her receive the best treatment."

Elder Ning sneered, "Indeed, the Ning Family knows many physicians. But unfortunately, all of them could not cure me. If it weren't for Miss Yun, I would have died by now!"

If Fourth Elder ever doubted Elder Ning's words before, now he believed that the old man had really recovered since Yun Luofeng saved Ning Xin's life! However, he really, really didn't want to lose like this!

"Old Master, I have something to say." Ning Yuan stood up from the ground, a confident smile on his handsome face, and he couldn't help glancing at Ning Xin.

Seeing that Ning Xin was tightly holding Yun Qingya's arm, he snorted, his face green with envy and he said, "Even without this woman, Xin'er would still be fine. Perhaps you didn't know that I met a disciple of the Tian Family a few days ago when I traveled outside. The disciple was called Tian Lin, and he promised me that he would ask Godly Doctor Tian Ya to treat Xin' er. Is it possible that Tian Ya's skill is worse than Yun Luofeng's? So, whether she came here or not, Ning Xin would be fine anyways!"

Speaking confidently, Ning Yuan didn't notice that all the people were giving him strange looks…

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