Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 486: Tragedy of Fourth Elder (2)

Master Ning moved his lips and wanted to defend himself, but he didn't know what to speak. After all, what Ning Xin said was true. If it wasn't for his father who didn't agree to marry her to Ning Yuan, perhaps Ning Xin would have become Ning Yuan's wife by now.

No longer looking at Master Ning, Ning Xin turned to Yun Qingya, and her beautiful face had a charming smile. "Brother Yun, I'll go back to the Yun Family with you."

Yun Qingya faintly smiled. "Okay."

Seeing that Ning Xin gave him a cold shoulder but smiled affectionately at Yun Qingya, Master Ning felt really grieved and regretful. At the same time, he knew that he had completely lost his daughter...

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to Master Ning and said coldly, "I'm not going to do anything to you for the sake of Ning Xin, but I will bring Ning Xin back to the Yun Family, and... we'll treat her better than you."

In any case, Master Ning was the father of Ning Xin. Besides, he was only trying to protect his Family and didn't do anything to hurt the Yun Family, so she would not do anything to him! If, however, Master Ning had obeyed Tian Ke and summoned the elders to attack them just now, she would not let him go so easily!

"By the way...," it seemed that something had occurred to Ning Xin and her clear eyes were filled with rage, "where is Fourth Elder? I haven't settled accounts with him yet. How dare he injure my Brother Yun!"

Her words rang a bell to Elder Ning. He felt he seemed to forget something, and now he finally remembered what it was as reminded by Ning Xin.

Fourth Elder!

When he thought of what the old fool had done these days, a gust of rage swept through him, and he had a murderous look in his eyes.

"Guards, bury the bodies and bring Fourth Elder and Ning Yuan here!" Elder Ning coldly ordered.

"Well..." Tian Ya rubbed his head, a little bit puzzled, "Can anybody tell me what happened here? And, Miss Yun, what's your relationship with the Ning Family?"

He was completely at a loss, wondering what had happened. Xiao Bai just sent him a message and asked him to come to the Ning Family immediately, because someone was bulling Yun Luofeng! So he, enraged, hurriedly came here but he didn't know what had happened.

"Grandpa Tian," Lin Ruobai smiled and walked to Tian Ya's side, "It all started from that day when the people of the Medical City wanted to attack Master's family..."

"What?" Tian Ya flew into a rage, waved his hand and hit the wall, leaving a big hole in it! "What did you say? The people of the Medical City attacked the Yun Family? How dare they do it? I'm going to the Medical City to ask them why!"

Seeing that Tian Ya was about to leave, Lin Ruobai hurriedly grabbed his sleeve, smiled and said, "Why don't you let me finish first?"

"Tell me, what else has the Medical City done? I'll go and make them pay for every evil deed they've done!"

That was outrageous!

How dare the people of the Medical City attack Yun Luofeng! Did they get tired of living?

Lin Ruobai rolled her eyes. "The Medical City people almost injured Yun Qingya, but Ning Xin protected him with her own body…"

Then she told him what had happened to the General's Estate, including how Fourth Elder went to the Medical Pavilion to take Ning Xin back by force and seriously injured Yun Qingya.

As the little old man was listening to her, his face darkened bit by bit. "Fourth Elder of the Ning Family was really stupid! Ning Xin could have suffered less if he hadn't taken her back to the Ning Family! Because of him, Miss Yun had to go all the way to the Ning Family to save Ning Xin's life. What's more, he even tried to stop her outside the door. I think the Ning Family didn't want to save Ning Xin. They were just trying to kill her!"

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