Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 483: Yun Luofeng Was His Master? (2)

It was said that the Spirit God Mountains were left by the Spirit God! That was why the people living in them were special. Even so, there were still many people on the continent who wanted to explore the Spirit God Mountains. However, none of the people who had entered the Spirit God Mountains had come back!

Over time, no one dared to mess up with the Spirit God Mountains again, and the people of the Spirit God Mountains had become literally the gods of the world!

But now, Tian Ya was telling her that this pariah was the heiress of the Spirit God Mountains?

"Impossible, how could the heiress of the Spirit God Mountains recognize Yun Luofeng as her master? Yun Luofeng is just a secular person! It's impossible for her to become related to a power like the Spirit God Mountains."

Besides Tian Ke, other people also stared at Tian Ya with surprised eyes, especially Master Ning, who suddenly had a bad feeling that flustered him. If the old man was really Tian Ya, then his words could not be false! In other words, there really was an inextricable connection between Yun Luofeng and the Spirit Domain!

If she really had the Spirit Domain behind her, her value would be multiplied by hundreds of times.

"I'm sorry," said the little old man with a sneer, "Xiao Bai was right. When I saw Miss Yun, even I would have to call her Master."

Like being struck by a clap of thunder, the noisy hall suddenly quieted down!

Everybody froze in shock!

Yun Luofeng was Tian Ya's Master? What the little girl just said was all true? It was ridiculous that they thought she was bragging!

"Uncle Tian Ya, how can she be your master?" Getting mad, Tian Ke angrily pointed to Yun Luofeng, "Having a low status, she simply can't compare with us! Especially since her strength is weaker than yours. How can she become your master?" She would never believe that Tian Ya, whom even the Tian Family tried to fawn on, was a disciple of Yun Luofeng!

"Her medical skill is better than mine."

His word gave Yun Luofeng the supreme status!

For the first time, Tian Ya admitted in public that his medical skill was inferior to someone else's.

Tian Ke got up from the ground, but stumbled and fell to the ground again, her heart cold and desperate, and even her teeth chattering. It turned out that... Yun Luofeng had known Tian Ya long ago, so she dared to not put the people of the Tian Family in her eyes.

How ridiculous that she had threatened her with Tian Ya!

The more Tian Ke thought about it, the more she was scared and the harder she trembled. At this moment, she hated Tian Lin so much. Had it not been for him, she would not have got in such trouble!

At the same time, Master Ning was also regretting. It never occurred to him that the Tian Family that he tried to fawn on was just an empty shell, and the Yun Family that he despised had such a strong background. If he had known it, he would have married Ning Xin to Yun Qingya without any hesitation!

"When did I admit that you were my disciple?" Yun Luofeng lazily leaned against the wall and said with a faint smile, "I made it clear in the Spirit Domain that you're too old to be my disciple."

The people who had been dumbfounded at Tian Ya's words were completely shocked when they heard the words of Yun Luofeng.

Godly Doctor Tian Ya wanted to acknowledge her as his master and she refused?


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