Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 480: Elder Ning Got Angry (5)

So, it depended on themselves whether they would marry or not.

Master Ning was completely shocked. Did his father just say that if Yun Qingya was willing to marry Ning Xin, he would immediately marry Ning Xin to him and if he wasn't, he would not force him?

Was... was this still his father who would do anything for his granddaughter?

Though the old man looked indifferent, he still ardently loved his granddaughter! But he would rather disappoint his granddaughter than force Yun Qingya to marry her? Master Ning really couldn't figure out why his father treated the Yun Family so respectfully.

"Have you finished yet?" Tian Ke gave a cold glance to Elder Ning and said impatiently, "I don't care about your personal relations. Today, I must kill Yun Luofeng! You'd better help me accomplish this goal. Otherwise, you'll regret it later!"

"Haha!" Elder Ning gave her a faint smile, his face mild and indifferent, "Miss Yun is also my granddaughter. If you want to touch her, I will never tolerate it."


Hearing his father's sharp tone, Master Ning was a little anxious, "Miss Tian Ke is from the Tian Family, where Tian Ya was born!"

"So what?" Elder Ning glimpsed Master Ning indifferently, "If you can't protect your daughter, let me do this for you."

Master Ning's face turned paler. He though his father must be out of his mind. Tian Ya had always been his idol. How could he just throw away his idol for Yun Luofeng?

Of course, Master Ning didn't know what Elder Ning was thinking. He revered Tian Ya for his superb medical skills, but after getting to know Yun Luofeng, he believed that the girl's medical skills were no worse than Tian Ya's. So what was the big deal of giving up the Tian Family?

Ning Xin grabbed Elder Ning's arm and stood at his side with ease, her beautiful face fearless, and her bright eyes stubborn.

"Father... " Master Ning got more anxious, fearing that the words of the old man would provoke the people of the Tian Family.

Seeing that Tian Ke's face quickly darkened, he hurriedly said, "Don't mess with the Tian Family. We shouldn't get the Ning Family into trouble for personal gratification. I think we'd better apologize to the Tian Family and marry Ning Xin to Tian Lin. Then we will become relatives with the Tian Family."

"Shut up!"

Elder Ning glared at Master Ning with sharp eyes, "I'll never trade my granddaughter's happiness for power!"

Besides, he had heard that Tian Ya had fallen out with the Tian Family. Although it was not clear whether Tian Ya still had any connection with the Tian Family, it was impossible for them to restore their previous relationship. Even if Tian Ya would stand by the Tian Family's side, he would not give his granddaughter away.

"If you insist on it, don't regret it!" Tian Ke's eyes darkened.

Knowing that with Elder Ning here, she would not be able to kill Yun Luofeng, she called Tian Lin and walked towards the outside. As she passed by Yun Luofeng, her proud eyes coldly glanced at her, and as a parting shot she expressionlessly said, "Yun Luofeng, you've really annoyed me. Next time I see you, I will make you die a miserable death. Tian Lin, let's go!"

Reluctant to leave, Tian Lin glanced at Ning Xin. He wanted to stay, but after seeing his sister's eyes, he drew back his gaze.


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