Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 479: Elder Ning Got Angry (4)

Though the old man's tone was quite mild, one could still tell the uncontrollable anger in his tone.

Master Ning shuddered and answered timidly, "Father, it was me..."


Hardly had his words faded away when the old man slapped his face.

Suddenly, in the quiet hall, the clapping sound rang.

Elder Ning's strength was much greater than Master Ning's. Master Ning was slapped so hard that his face swelled up and red blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

"How dare you treat Xin'er like this when I was not in the Ning Family these few days?" Elder Ning's eyes were burning with a raging flame, and his face turned blue with anger. "Xin'er really had a hard time these years, so how could you have the heart to beat her? Even I am reluctant to touch a single strand of her hair, but you beat her like this! If I hadn't had a problem with my body and wasn't able to manage the Ning Family, I would not have passed on the power to you!"

Master Ning covered his face, and in an aggrieved tone said, "Father, you know I did this for the Ning Family!"

"For the Ning Family?


Elder Ning was so angry that he kicked Master Ning away, his old face cold, his eye as sharp as a sword, and his expression showing that he wanted to kick Master Ning harder.

"How dare you say that you did it for the Ning Family? I was only away for half a year seeking medical treatment, and so many things happened in the Ning Family! Even Ning Xin's mother was killed because of your mistake! How dare you say you were for the Ning Family?!

In order not to be beaten again, Master Ning no longer dared to say anything. He got up from the ground and hid off to the side timidly, his face aggrieved. Even now, he still didn't think he had done anything wrong, but felt aggrieved that neither his Father nor his daughter understood him.

As his family, shouldn't they support him?

"Grandpa!" Ning Xin came forward and rubbed the old man's chest to comfort him, "Don't be angry. It's not worth getting angry with a person like him."

As if her clear voice was magic, the old man calmed down. He turned to his baby granddaughter and asked with a genial smile, "Xin'er, tell Grandpa. What have they done to you? Grandpa will avenge you."

Ning Xin paused, and said, "Fourth Elder injured Brother Yun."

Her first words were not for herself, but for Yun Qingya!

"I know that, and I'll make Fourth Elder pay for this later." Elder Ning sneered, "How dare he injure my grandson-in-law? I will not tolerate this offense!"

Master Ning was stunned, his eyes wide open, and he asked with a trembling voice, "Father, what... what did you say? Did you just say you agreed for Ning Xin to marry Yun Qingya?"

Yun Qingya was just the son of a general, so why did Elder Ning recognize him as Ning Xin's husband?

"I'd like him to be my grandson-in-law, but I don't know whether he's willing to marry Xin'er. If he is, then Ning Xin is his wife." He meant that if Yun Qingya didn't want to marry Ning Xin, he wouldn't force him. But if he did, nobody would be able to stop them!

If it were another man, as long as Ning Xin liked him, he would snatch that man for her! But the Yun Family was different! He would not have done such a thing on account of his relationship with Yun Luofeng.

Moreover, Ning Xin would not marry a man who didn't love her...

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