Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 478: Elder Ning Got Angry (3)

Tian Ya!

This name suddenly brought Master Ning back to reality.

Yes, even though Yun Luofeng had broken through to a sky-level spirit cultivator, so what? The Tian Family had Tian Ya behind them. No matter how talented Yun Luofeng was, she would not be able to face such a formidable opponent.

"Master Ning, let your people catch her, and I'm going to teach her a lesson!" Tian Ke wiped the blood from the lower corners of her mouth and said resentfully.

"Well... " Master Ning paused and slightly frowned, "Miss Tian Ke, maybe that's not a good idea. Miss Yun has saved my daughter's life and is on good terms with my father, I am afraid... "

"Humph, I don't care what relations she has with your Ning Family. I want you to catch her, now! Otherwise, I will punish you for shielding her!"

Tian Ke sneered at Yun Luofeng. Yes, you are talented, so what? Under the attack of the Ning Family's masters, you will surely die! This is for you going against me over and over again!

Master Ning kept silent, hesitating as if he was still thinking about Tian Ke's words.

Just then, Ning Xin dragged her feeble body and walked to the front of Yun Luofeng. She raised her arms, shielding the girl behind her, and looked right into Master Ning's eyes with a resolute and determined gaze.

"Dad, if you want to touch any person of the Yun Family, just... kill me as well! Anyway, in your mind, I, your daughter, will never be as important as the Ning Family.

Master Ning's heart quivered and he moved his lips, trying to say something, but was interrupted by the cold voice of Ning Xin.

"You are a good master, but you are not a good father!"

Her voice, like a heavy hammer, chiseled on the heart of Master Ning and almost suffocated him...

"You're right." Master Ning gave a bitter smile. "I'm not a good father, nor a good husband! For the Ning Family, I've paid too much and lost too much..." His face raised a wry smile, and he gazed at the girl's resolute little face, speechless. "I thought my family would understand me, but I was wrong and you will never understand how I felt."

Hearing the talk between Master Ning and Ning Xin, Tian Ke frowned impatiently, "What are you waiting for? Kill them all!"

"Sister!" Tian Lin turned pale and grabbed Tian Ke's arm anxiously. "I like Ning Xin and I want to marry her, so..."

"Shut up!" Tian Ke gave Tian Lin a black look, "Haven't you realized it? This b*tch would rather be with the Yun Family than become a member of our Tian Family! Now that she has made this choice, let them go to hell together!"

Tian Lin had never dared to disobey his sister since he was a child. Hearing Tian Ke's words, he immediately closed his mouth and said no more, but his eyes fixed on Ning Xin were full of pity and sorrow.

"Haha, who do you want to go to hell?" Suddenly, an indifferent voice broke through the void and passed into everyone's ears.

Hearing the familiar voice, Ning Xin was greatly delighted and quickly turned her head to look at the blue-robed old man who had come from the void. She felt a lump in her throat and tears began to flow down from her eyes.

"Grandpa, you're back... "

Elder Ning walked quickly to Ning Xin. Seeing the clear hand mark on her face, he frowned and asked, "Who did this to you?"

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