Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 477: Elder Ning Got Angry (2)


Tian Ke's body was like a tornado and struck against Yun Luofeng, a ferocious smile on her face, a formidable killing desire in her eyes.

In the strong wind, the girl was standing still, her white dress and dark long hair fluttering, her eyes quietly gazing at Tian Ke, and her stunningly beautiful face expressionless.

"Feng'er, watch out!

Yun Qingya, greatly frightened, hurriedly put down Ning Xin from his arms and rushed to Yun Luofeng to block the attack against Yun Luofeng with his own body, a touch of anxiety in his clear and cool eyes.

But then...

The girl's hand stretched out from the side and she pushed Yun Qingya aside while calmly looking at the aggressive Tian Ke. She slightly raised the corners of her lips and gave a wicked smile. Her voice sounded like it was coming from the depth of hell and it made one's heart tremble.

"When did I say I was an earth-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator?"


Tian Ke was stunned, and before she figured out what Yun Luofeng meant, the girl's hand had come from the air and fiercely smacked her face.


This slap contained all her force. Tian Ke, dumbfounded, was slapped so hard that her body slammed into the wall and she began to vomit blood.

"No! No way! How can you be a sky-level spirit cultivator? This is impossible!"

She tightly bit her lips, her body trembled, and her eyes were clearly filled with horror.

A sky-level spirit cultivator?

The crowd all gasped, and their eyes changed...

Master Ning, totally stunned, slowly turned his head to Ning Xin, and hoarsely asked, "Xin'er, is your friend a sky-level spirit cultivator?"

To be honest, for the Ning Family, a sky-level spirit cultivator was not a big deal. After all, all the elders of the Ning Family had been sky-level spirit cultivators! And the old master had even exceeded the realm of sky-level spirit cultivator!

But how old was Yun Luofeng? A 15-year-old girl had become a sky-level spirit cultivator? Who would believe it?

Ning Xin, also stunned, nodded. Even she didn't expect that Yun Luofeng had become a sky-level spirit cultivator.

Only half a year ago, she was still a normal girl and bullied by the Imperial Family. But now she had become so strong...

As long as a Family had a sky-level spirit cultivator, it could gain a firm foothold on the Continent, and even her father would recognize the Yun Family from now on! But it was too late, he had already broken her heart. How could she forgive him and pretend nothing had happened? At the thought of this, Ning Xin's face had a bitter smile.

"Little Feng'er," Yun Qingya gradually came back from shock and asked helplessly, "when did you become a sky-level spirit cultivator? "

Yun Luofeng shrugged and said with a faint smile, "On the way to the Ning Family's hall."

She came here to settle the issue of Ning Xin. If she hadn't acquired an absolute advantage against them, how would the Ning Family allow Ning Xin to leave? So she found a hidden corner to take the holy water on the way to the hall. With the help of the holy water, she successfully broke through to a sky-level spirit cultivator! That was why she came late!

"Ahem!" Tian Ke coughed and climbed up from the ground. Glaring at Yun Luofeng with a ferocious look, she gnashed her teeth, "Yun Luofeng, you are simply courting death! The Tian Family has Tian Ya as their backing. Now you'll be dead meat in no time since you dared to injure me!"

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