Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 475: Even Tian Ya Would Have to Call Her Master (2)

Even though Master Ning would not let Ning Xin marry Yun Qingya, he didn't want the Yun Family to be in trouble. After all, Yun Luofeng had saved Ning Xin's life. The Tian Family was different from the Medical City because Tian Ya was too powerful. If she offended the old man, no one could protect her...

"Why should my master apologize?" Xiao Bai, who had just arrived, suddenly heard the words of Master Ning, and with arms akimbo, her cute little face was flushed with anger…

"You fools, even if Tian Ya came here, he would have to call my master Master. How dare you make my master apologize!"

"HaHa!" Tian Ke couldn't hold back and laughed aloud, her face filled with contempt, "Little girl, didn't your parents tell you that a braggart will have their tongue cut?! If you said that Yun Luofeng acknowledged Tian Ya as her master, maybe I would believe it! But how dare you claim that Tian Ya would call her master? Do you think we are stupid? Nobody is going to buy your story!"

People all laughed at her words, their eyes full of disdain.

Yun Luofeng also glanced at Lin Ruobai with a surprised look, a doubtful gleam flashing through her dark eyes. Xiao Bai was not one to brag. She must have a reason for saying such a thing! But she didn't know Tian Ya, so how could she accept him as her disciple?

But she did remember there was an old man who wanted to be her disciple.

Was he...?

"What I said is true! Now Tian Ya is on his way and will soon arrive at the Ning Family!" Lin Ruobai stomped her foot and spoke angrily.

Master didn't turn to the Spirit Domain for help because she was afraid the time would not be enough, but she worried that Master would be bullied by the Ning Family, so she stealthily sent a message to Tian Ya. Now it had been several days and according to Tian Ya's speed, it was about time for him to arrive here...

"Little girl, Tian Ya has been living in seclusion to study medical skills and doesn't want anyone to disturb him. Even we don't know his whereabouts, and you say you can find him?" Tian Ke sneered, "Do you think we'll believe a story like that?"

Lin Ruobai curled her lips, "You can't find Tian Ya because he doesn't want to be found by you. It doesn't mean that I can't find him."

Hearing her words, Tian Ke was enraged, her eyes burning with raging flames. "Little girl, don't bullsh*t to me, or else I'll rip your mouth open! As a member of the Tian Family, how would Tian Ya not want us to find him? Let me tell you, just two months ago, Tian Ya was back in the Tian Family!"

"Two months ago?" Lin Ruobai smiled briskly, "I'm sorry but two months ago, Tian Ya was in my home. How could he go back to the Tian Family at the same time?"

Seeing her lie being exposed, Tian Ke got angry from embarrassment, but of course, she would never admit that Tian Ya was not with the Tian Family at that time! She only thought that the little girl was deliberately going against her!

"Brat, you are too presumptuous, let me teach you a lesson!" A sharp wind whirled around Tian Ke, and she dashed at Lin Ruobai, her eyes filled with murderous desire.

Looking at this, Master Ning shook his head helplessly. If Yun Luofeng had apologized as he suggested, he might be able to plead for her. Unfortunately, Yun Luofeng and her disciple were too arrogant, and now he couldn't help them...

After all, if Tian Ya appreciated Yun Luofeng's talent and wanted to accept her as his disciple, it would make sense. But how could it be possible that Godly Doctor Tian Ya wanted to acknowledge a teenage girl as his master?


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