Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 473: Ning Xin Was Slapped


A clear sound rang in the hall, and the whole hall fell into an eerie silence because of this sound.

The hall was shrouded in a suffocating atmosphere.

"Xin'er..." Master Ning looked at his own hand and turned his eyes to Ning Xin whose cheek was turning red. A chagrined and grieved look appearing in his eyes, "I just... "

"Did I say anything wrong?" Ning Xin gave him a mocking smile, and her messy hair scattered on the cheek and covered the red handprint on her face. "It was because of your vacillation that my mother was killed by other women! Even though you dismissed your concubines in the end, so what? My mother will never come back! You say you do it for my own good, but you never care about what I want! Haven't you realized your mistake after all these years?"

Master Ning moved his lips and wanted to explain it, but he couldn't make a sound as if his throat was being held by a hand. Then he cradled his head in his arms and said in a painful voice, "Yes, I was too indecisive, so your mother was killed, but I've been suffering for so many years, isn't it enough? I never remarried all these years because I wanted to compensate you and your mother! I've done so much, but why won't you forgive me?"

Every time he thought of what happened that day, he felt a gut-wrenching pain! But no matter how much he regretted it, the woman he loved would never come back to him...

"You always think about the Family, but you never think about me and my mother! What we wanted was never an absolute right, nor a supreme status. I just want to live like an ordinary person."

Ning Xin, disappointed, closed her eyes and said with a wry smile, "You always do things I can't tolerate and claim that it's for my own good! My grandfather and I have been traveling around all these years because we don't want to see you! Even living in seclusion in the deep mountains is better than facing snobbish people like you."

In the last sentence, she opened her eyes, a resolute gleam in her bright eyes that made Master Ning's heart shiver.

"Yes, I do think about what is best for the Family. Is that wrong?" Master Ning smiled bitterly, "It's just because I'm Master of the Family! I have to plan a better future for the Ning Family! Moreover, your grandfather has always been a great admirer of Tian Ya, and if he knew that you were going to marry into the Tian Family, he wouldn't refuse it."

Ning Xin sneered, coldly staring at Tian Lin who was looking at her with an obsessed look.

"I said I will not marry anyone else! Even if I have to commit suicide, I will not let the Tian Family have my body!"

"You..." Master Ning pointed at Ning Xin with a trembling finger, "Xin" er, you are really naïve! Let me tell you, you have no choice but marry into the Tian Family!"

As Master of the Ning Family, he would always take the interest of the Ning Family as the top priority even though he didn't want to hurt his daughter.

This was the tragedy of being a Master!

For the same reason, he sat and watched his beloved woman being killed that day...

Ning Xin smiled coldly, her eyes filled with derision. She took a final look at Master Ning, turned around and walked towards the door. At this moment, her heart was filled with disappointment.

"Don't go!"

Seeing that Ning Xin was going to leave, his face greatly changed, and Tian Lin said hurriedly, "Stop her!"

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