Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 472: Ning Xin Had Awakened

If Yun Luofeng was here, she would instantly recognize that the woman sitting there was Tian Ke, who went to the Imperial Family of the Longyuan Kingdom to take Mu Wushuang away. The man next to her was not the cool and sedate Tian Yu, but someone else who looked a little bit like her!

Just then, seeing the middle-aged man coming from the hall, they slowly stood up.

"Master Ning."

Tian Ke smiled, "This time, I am here on behalf of my brother Tian Lin! It's said that as a noble lady from a respectable family, the heiress of the Ning Family, Ning Xin, is talented, elegant, beautiful and sweet-tempered, so my brother fell in love with her ever since he heard about Ning Xin! We came here to seek a marriage alliance with the Ning Family, and from now on, the Ning Family and the Tian Family will be one family."

"Haha," Master Ning laughed cheerfully, and looked at Tian Lin with a mild look, "I've also heard of Young Master Tian Lin, who ranks second among the young generation of the Tian Family. It would be an honor for Xin'er if she could have such a husband. I agree to this marriage."

"I don't agree!"

Hardly had his voice faded away when an angry voice came through the door, and after hearing the voice, Master Ning was shocked and then gave a smile of joy. He turned his eyes to the door, and a young girl, standing while holding the doorframe, came into his sight.

At the same time, Tian Lin was also looking at the girl standing at the door with an obsessed look in his eyes. The girl's face was still pale, but everyone could tell she was a beautiful girl. Though she was frowning, he was immediately attracted to her as though a finger had strummed his heartstrings.

Ever since Ning Yuan told him about Ning Xin, he became interested in the girl, and after Ning Yuan bragged about her and showed him Ning Xin's portrait, he had totally fallen in love with this girl. So when he heard that Ning Yuan was going back to the Ning Family, he asked Ning Yuan to go first, and he went back to the Tian Family to prepare the betrothal gifts…

"Xin 'er!" Master Ning strode forward, quickly supported the girl, his eyes brimming with joy, "You've awakened? That's great. You've finally recovered. You scared the heck out of your dad this time."

"Let go of me! Ning Xin pushed hard and pushed the man away from her, a disappointed look in her crystal-clear eyes. "Dad, does grandfather know that you're doing this to me?"

When she woke up, she found no one beside her. Then she called the maid and found out that Yun Luofeng had saved her life, and Yun Qingya had been accompanying her sleeplessly for many days! But Yun Qingya was in the bathroom when she woke up, so she didn't see him. While she was waiting for Yun Qingya, she heard the discussion of the little maids outside the door that someone of the Tian Family came to propose to her! So she hurriedly came here alone to refuse this marriage!

"Xin'er, I'm doing it for your own good." Master Ning frowned, "The Tian Family is Tian Ya's Family. If you are married to someone of the Tian Family, you'll become a blood relative of Tian Ya. Even your grandfather won't object to such a marriage after he knows about it!"

"For my own good? No, you're just doing it for the Ning Family!" Ning Xin tightly clenched her fist, her pale little face stubborn. "If grandfather were here, he would let me decide my own marriage and would never force me to marry a person I don't love! If you weren't so indecisive, how could my mom have been killed?"

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