Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 470: Someone Came and Sought A Marriage Alliance (1)

"Are you sure... that without my second uncle, Ning Xin would marry you?"

The girl's words, like a splinter, stuck into his heart, and in a moment it was as though his broken heart had a big aching and bleeding hole.

She was right! Even without Yun Qingya, Ning Xin did not like him! Otherwise, they grew up together, so why could Yun Qingya, who just appeared not long ago, steal her heart? However, even though Ning Yuan had known this, he didn't want his wound to be torn open like this!

"Haha," he sneered, with a contemptuous smile, "Even if Xin'er doesn't like me, so what? As long as Master issues the order, she will have to marry me anyway! Do you think Master will establish a marriage alliance with the Yun Family? No! You are wrong, even though you've saved Xin'er's life, Master will not allow her to marry Yun Qingya."

The difference between Master and the old master was that the old master valued personal feelings too much, while Master always kept the overall interests of the Ning Family in mind! If he had other children, perhaps he wouldn't mind Ning Xin choosing Yun Qingya to be her husband, but Ning Xin was his only daughter, so for the sake of the Ning Family, he would never allow Ning Xin to marry Yun Qingya!

The Yun Family was so weak that they even didn't have a sky-level spirit cultivator! They couldn't even have a place on this continent, so how would the Ning Family choose to establish a marriage alliance with them?

"Yun Luofeng, don't blame us. It's just that you are too weak! Hahaha!"

Seeing the young girl slightly narrowed her eyes, Ning Yuan laughed, "I admit that you're quite talented, but you are still not a sky-level spirit cultivator. There are too many strong people on the continent. If you are not a sky-level spirit cultivator, any power can kill you! Since your Yun Family doesn't even have a sky-level spirit cultivator, what makes you believe Master will give you Ning Xin?" Ning Yuan's face turned ferocious, his voice filled with resentment.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and glanced at Ning Yuan, "As long as Ning Xin is willing to go with me, no one can stop her!" She meant that if Ning Xin was willing to leave with her, she would surely take her away, and no one could stop her!

"You're mad!" Ning Yuan snorted, a contemptuous look flickering through his eyes, "Yun Luofeng, I know the old master will shield you, but he also has someone he worships."

"The man he worships is Godly Doctor Tian Ya..."

When it came to the name, the contemptuous look in Ning Yuan's eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced with reverence.

And then under the sarcastic gaze of Yun Luofeng, he continued, "When I traveled outside this time, I met a young man who is from the Tian Family and called Tian Lin. We felt like old friends at the first meeting and became sworn brothers. I told him about Ning Xin and he also appreciated Ning Xin a lot! When we heard that Ning Xin was injured, I returned to the Ning Family first, and he said he would also come here soon! And he had promised me he would ask Godly Doctor Tian Ya to treat Ning Xin!"

"If I could have invited Godly Doctor Tian Ya to treat Ning Xin, I would have greatly impressed the people of the Ning Family, and if Ning Xin were cured by Tian Ya, Ning Xin might have fallen in love with me! But I didn't expect that you would move more quickly!"

Ning Yuan said resentfully, "But it doesn't matter. When my brother comes, he will help me get Ning Xin! The old master admires Godly Doctor Tian Ya so much. If Godly Doctor is willing to speak for me, do you think the old master will still stand by your side?"


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