Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 468: Xiao Bai Got Angry

Since he was born, no one dared to treat him like this. He would avenge himself anyway!

"Yes, I kicked you, so what!" Lin Ruobai, with arms akimbo, raised her head high. "And, remember, I didn't sneak in but fought my way in with my master!"

"Master?" Ning Yuan was amazed. "Your master is..."

Lin Ruobai snorted, "My master is Yun Luofeng."

Yun Luofeng...

This name, like a big hammer, hit Ning Yuan's heart. His face turned even more distorted and he growled, "So you're Yun Luofeng's disciple! Great! I'll kill you to avenge my father!" With these words, Ning Yuan jumped toward Lin Ruobai, his body as fast as a flash of lightning.

Lin Ruobai was obviously startled and hurried to dodge his attack.

Was this guy crazy? Why did he want to kill her?  And he said he was going to avenge his father?

All of a sudden, Lin Ruobai realized who he was and her face quickly darkened, "Are you Fourth Elder's son? Well, I was going to look for you, and you just came up to me! Milk Tea, bite him!"


Milk Tea jumped out from nowhere and bit into Ning Yuan's shoulder, his sharp teeth going deep through the skin of Ning Yuan.

"Ah!!! "

Ning Yuan screamed and grabbed at the hamster on his shoulder, intending to squeeze the little hamster into a meat pie. However, at the moment he lifted his hand, he clearly saw the contempt in the eyes of the hamster...

Dammit! Even a gold-seeking hamster would despise him now?! Then he would let it know what he was capable of!


Ning Yuan slapped hard at his own shoulder, and it soon turned black and blue. However, when he lifted his hand, he found that the little hamster had disappeared.


A squeak came from in front of him, like a sneer at him. Ning Yuan got even angrier and resentfully turned his eyes to the front...

At this moment, Milk Tea was lying comfortably on a fallen leaf on the ground. With his small paw pointing at Ning Yuan, he squeaked at Lin Ruobai.

"Got it!" Lin Ruobai understood the meaning of Milk Tea, shouted out loud and kicked at Ning Yuan, "Hey, taste 'Xiao Bai's Jump Kick'!"

Ning Yuan was stunned and retreated quickly. However, Xiao Bai's speed was so fast that Ning Yuan didn't have the time to dodge it and got kicked hard right in the face. With a loud thud, Ning Yuan's body quickly flew out, with a clear footprint on his face telling people what he had suffered just now...

"How dare you harass my master's second aunt!" Lin Ruobai jumped up and landed on Ning Yuan's body, head up proudly. "Do you still dare to covet my master's aunt?"

Ning Yuan vomited a mouthful of blood, clenched his teeth and struggled to utter a few words.

"You are... d*mn heavy!"

Hearing his words, Lin Ruobai was completely enraged, her little fists hitting at Ning Yuan's face like raindrops, her cute little face ferocious.

"How dare you insult me?! I only weigh... about eighty pounds."

When speaking the last sentence, Lin Ruobai didn't sound quite confident, and in order to conceal this, her little fists hit at Ning Yuan again.


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