Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 467: Ning Yuan

Ning Yuan
He believed that if Ning Xin married this boy, he would never let her suffer any grievance.


It wasn't until he met Yun Luofeng that he knew what a real genius was!

Unfortunately, the Yun Family was too weak, or else he would like to marry Ning Xin to Yun Qingya! But the Yun Family had no absolute right, so he finally dropped the idea. His daughter must have a powerful force behind her! Ning Yuan's father was an elder of the Ning Family and was also a sky-level spirit cultivator, so Ning Yuan was qualified to marry Ning Xin.

But now it was different.

Ning Yuan's father had made such a mistake, and his father would not allow Ning Xin to marry him he had to find someone else for Ning Xin.

"Master, the Yun Family is nothing! How can they have the old master's jade pendant? She must have stolen it from the old master! As for Yun Qingya, he harbors ill intentions towards Ning Xin! Master, I request you to expel these people out of the Ning Family!"


The face of the Master of the Ning Family darkened, "Ning Yuan, who do you think my father is? Though Yun Luofeng is a genius, she is not able to steal anything from my father! If she was, wouldn't it be a big disgrace for my father? Alright, shut up and get out of here, or else I'll punish you as well!"

Ning Yuan shook in despair, gave Master of the Ning Family a black look, and turned around to walk out.

At the moment he turned around, a line of tears ran down from his eyes, and he clenched his fists placed on either side of his body.

Ning Xin...

Now, as soon as he thought of the name, he was heartbroken! He couldn't extricate himself from the pain. He didn't understand why Ning Xin never put him in her eyes after he had done so much for her and had guarded her for so many years. Instead, she was enchanted by that b*stard, Yun Qingya!


I must not let anyone take Ning Xin! Never!

Ning Yuan's eyes gradually turned determined. To get Ning Xin, he could do anything!


Ning Yuan, who was filled with wild thoughts, didn't see a lovely figure in front of him and bumped into her. With a thud, he drew back two steps.

"Are you blind? How dare you bump into me!" Ning Yuan was angry, glaring at the person in front of him, a cold light in his eyes...

It was a lovely young girl with fair and delicate skin. Her skin was so lustrous that one would want to come up and kiss it. Her eyes were clear and as bright as stars. A surprised look flickered through Ning Yuan's eyes. Such a beautiful girl was really rare to see, but he already had Ning Xin in his heart, so he would not look at any other woman except her.

"Who are you? Lin Ruobai rubbed her bumped forehead, an angry look on her little face.

"Humph! This question should be asked by me! Who let you enter the Ning Family! I'll have you thrown out if you don't tell me who you are!"

Normally Ning Yuan would not have bothered to quarrel with a woman, but today he was in a bad mood and really wanted to fight with someone to vent his anger. This silly girl was simply courting death by bumping into him!


Lin Ruobai kicked at the crotch of Ning Yuan, and soon a shrill cry spread throughout the courtyard of the Ning Family. Since Ning Yuan had just come back to the Ning Family, he didn't know Lin Ruobai, nor did he know that the little girl and Yun Luofeng were together.

"Rotten girl, how dare you kick me!" With a distorted face, Ning Yuan roared ferociously, "If my manhood is affected, I will disable you!"

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