Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 466: Grieved Master Ning (2)

But he didn't expect that it was still dug out...

The master had an urge to cry. If the little girl were not the disciple of Yun Luofeng, he would have rushed forward and strangled her!

"The quality of the tea is not good," Yun Luofeng said and handed the teacup to Lin Ruobai. "Get rid of it."

The corner of the master's mouth twitched! How dare the woman say the quality of his precious stash was not good! Did she really know tea?

"Yes, Master." Lin Ruobai smiled cutely, "Among the teas I found in the Ning Family, only this one was not that bad and the remaining are even worse."

"It seems that the Ning Family is really poor and only has teas of such a quality. I will give Elder Ning some good tea some other day." Yun Luofeng said unconcernedly.

Elder Ning was one of the few people on this Continent who truly cared for her, so she wouldn't be stingy with the old man. When she met Elder Ning next time, she would give him some spiritual tea.

The master sniffed at Yun Luofeng's words, not believing that Yun Luofeng could have a tea better than his, let alone one that would satisfy his father who was so picky concerning tea. However, his father would probably accept her tea just not to hurt her feelings.

"First Elder," the master turned to First Elder and said, "Take Fourth Elder away, and I'll punish him when my father comes back."

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips. She said that when Ning Xin woke up, her second uncle would punish Fourth Elder, but the master said he would deal with the fourth elder when his father came backā€¦

Unfortunately, whether Elder Ning came back or not, no one could change her mind!

Fourth Elder must die!

"Yes, Master." First Elder made an obeisance, waved his hand and ordered coldly, "Guards, lock him up, closely guard him and don't let him run away!"

"Yes sir!"


In the hall, when the master was talking with First Elder, an angry voice was heard from outside.

"Get out of the way! You all get out of my way! I want to see Master. What did my father do wrong? Why did you treat him like this?"

"It's Ning Yuan."

Hearing the familiar voice from outside, First Elder frowned and reported to the master in a low voice.

"Let him in." The master sighed and helplessly ordered.

Not long after, a good-looking young man walked quickly into the hall. He hurled a series of questions at the middle-aged man as soon as he opened his mouth, his eyes glaring at the two persons in front.

"Master, you must give me a reason! How can you treat my father like this when the old master is not home? Have you forgotten that my father has been loyally serving the Ning Family for so many years?"

The master of the Ning Family frowned slightly, "Ning Yuan, your father made a terrible mistake this time. There's nothing I can do. I asked him to take Ning Xin back, but he injured innocent people. Now his victim has come here for him, what can I do?"

"Master, this is Ning Family. Who dares to disobey your orders?"

Ning Yuan was shaking with anger, gnashing his teeth.

The face of Master of the Ning Family turned sullen. "Ning Yuan, that girl has saved Xin'er's life. Besides, she has the old master's jade pendant in her hand, so she absolutely has authority in the Ning Family."

To Ning Yuan, Master of the Ning Family used to appreciate him a lot.

Though he was a little bit unruly, he was quite talented and truly loved Ning Xin. Most importantly, the boy didn't have any love affairs all these years and the worst thing he had done was to get into fights with people.


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