Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 464: I Just Like Bullying People

First Elder shook his head helplessly, but he couldn't stop laughing in his heart.

Over the years, Fourth Elder had bossed them around because he thought his son was only ranked after Ning Xin among the juniors of the Ning Family, and would probably become Ning Xin's fiancée. Even though he only ranked fourth among the elders, he thought he was more important than all the other elders! He had been putting up with him for a long time! Now with such a great opportunity, how could he let it go?

It was the same with the other elders who had long been angry with the fourth elder! If it weren't for his son who might become the next master of the Ning Family, they would not be so tolerant of him. After all, Ning Xin was the only daughter of the master, so anyone who married her would be the next master of the Ning Family.

"Yun Luofeng!" Fourth Elder angrily shouted at Yun Luofeng,"By using the people of the Ning Family to fight against me it just shows that you are timid! Fight a dual with me, if you are not a coward!"

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips, lazily leaning against the tree, a casual smile on her face as if she was watching a good show.

"I've told you I like... bullying people! What can you do to me?"

Everybody in the Longyuan Kingdom knew that Yun Luofeng, the heiress of the General's Estate, was a dandy and like bullying people. Now, she was just acting like she always did. What was wrong with it?

"Yun Luofeng, you are afraid to fight a dual with me, you trash!"

Greatly enraged, Fourth Elder spoke without thinking, and even called her 'trash'.

Before Yun Luofeng could reply, the lovely voice of Lin Ruobai rang.

"Tut, how shameless you are! How dare you ask my master to fight a dual with you? Look how old you are! As a man who only became a sky-level spirit cultivator at an extreme old age, how dare you call my master a trash?"

Was the Ning Family such a big deal? How dare they insult her master like this! She would ask her daddy to avenge her master some other day!

No one could speak ill of her master!

"Xiao Bai..."

"Yes, Master! Any instructions?"

Hearing the words of Yun Luofeng, Lin Ruobai immediately responded, respectfully waiting for Yun Luofeng's orders. Her eyes were shining as bright as stars. Was Master irritated by the old man and was going to teach him a lesson herself?

This would be great!

She believed that even though her Master was only an earth-level spirit cultivator, she would be able to defeat Fourth Elder who was a sky-level spirit cultivator.

"I'm tired..."

However, Lin Ruobai waited only to hear Yun Luofeng say this. Lin Ruobai's little face fell. She frowned but still ran into the hall, fetched a chair and put it behind Yun Luofeng. When Yun Luofeng was seated, Lin Ruobai got behind her and asked her with an obsequious smile, "Master, do you need a massage?"

"Okay." Yun Luofeng sat idly on the wooden chair, with a casual smile on her lips, her smiling eyes staring at Fourth Elder who was besieged.

"Fourth, I'm sorry, but you really should have obeyed Master's order. Nobody can protect you this time since you've made such a big mistake."

First Elder went to the front of Fourth Elder and winked at the other elders around him. Soon all the elders released their power and surrounded Fourth Elder.


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