Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 463: Tragic Fourth Elder (2)

Hearing the name of the Medical Pavilion, the master finally chose to believe Yun Luofeng. Glaring at Fourth Elder, he said coldly, "Fourth Elder, how dare you! I told you to be polite to the people of the Yun Family. How could you injure Yun Qingya? I'll see how you'll explain it to my father when he returns!"

Fourth Elder snorted, " Yun Qingya harbored malicious intentions and tried to seduce Ning Xin! And if it hadn't been for him, Ning Xin would not have been injured, so I was just too angry... "


Before he finished, the middle-aged man had ruthlessly given him a slap, and he felt dizzy and saw stars with this slap.

"Save your excuses! My father appreciated the Yun Family so much. Did you ever consider my father's feelings when you did this? As for Xin'er's marriage, it'll be up to me, not you! Moreover, Xin'er protected Yun Qingya just because my father appreciated the Yun Family, which has nothing to do with 'seducing'!"

Hearing the man's words, Yun Luofeng frowned, gave him a cold glance and then looked away. Though it seemed that the master of the Ning Family was defending Yun Qingya, he was actually telling them that Ning Xin would not marry Yun Qingya! Even though Yun Luofeng had shown great medical skills, the Yun Family was just so-so. So the master of the Ning Family didn't want to marry Ning Xin into the Yun Family!

Unless she joined the Association of Physicians, then with the Association of Physicians as a backstop, the world would treat the Yun Family with a different attitude.

But was it possible?

She would not join any forces but support the Yun Family with her own strength!

"But Master, I am still an elder of the Ning Family. Isn't she also insulting the Ning Family by insulting me here?" Fourth Elder gave Yun Luofeng a black look.

No matter what mistakes he had made, as long as he didn't threaten the Ning Family, the Ning Family would not punish him! So he had the courage to say such things to the master.

Yun Luofeng glanced at Fourth Elder wickedly, raised the corners of her lips and cracked a smile. Her smile was icy, like a cold blast blowing upon one's face.

"But I think that what the Ning Family is doing is an insult to yourselves!" She leaned against a tree and said with a faint smile, "Since I have Elder Ning's jade pendant in my hand, is there anyone who dares to not obey my orders?"

"Hahaha!" Fourth Elder guffawed. "Yun Luofeng, are you crazy? What makes you believe you can punish me just with that jade pendant? Unless Elder Ning comes back in person, even Master will not have the right to punish me!"

"Really?" Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and looked at the other elders of the Ning Family with a wicked smile, saying, "Now, on behalf of Elder Ning, I order you to beat him to death!"

"Yun Luofeng, I've told you, you... "

Fourth Elder was going to ridicule her only to find that First Elder and the other elders were approaching him.

"What do you want to do?" A frightened look flashed through his eyes and he couldn't help but draw back a few paces.

"Fourth, I'm sorry, but the girl has the old master's jade pendant. That means she can represent the old master, so we have to obey her orders. Otherwise, we'll be blamed for being disloyal to the old master."

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