Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 461: Make Them Pay (7)

The Ning Family was dependent on Elder Ning. Without Elder Ning, the Ning Family would no longer be a threat to them!

Lin Ge sighed, "Even though Yun Qingya was not dead, he should have lived as a trash. But he showed up intact. Maybe he really was cured by Yun Luofeng..."

Lu Yin sniffed. At first, he thought exactly the same as Lin Ge, but after he left the Longyuan Kingdom, he secretly probed into Yun Luofeng! It turned out this girl didn't have any master, so how could she have such great medical skills?

Did she teach herself? Was it possible?

But Yun Luofeng did restore a eunuch's masculinity in the imperial palace of the Longyuan Kingdom...

Perhaps she had some precious medicinal materials in her hand! He had heard that there was a kind of medicine that could regenerate broken bone, so it couldn't prove her ability.

"Master, though we seriously injured Yun Qingya more than a decade ago, maybe he wasn't really disabled by us! Perhaps he recovered from his wounds long ago, and was just keeping a low profile during the last decade."

Hearing Lu Yin's analysis, Lin Ge agreed with a nod, "What you said really makes sense. We haven't seen Yun Luofeng's real ability. How can we be sure whether she has good medical skills or not? Maybe she's just deceiving people."

A mocking smile appeared on Lu Yin's face, "Master, I'm sure that Elder Ning can't live that long. Before then, we shouldn't attack the Yun Family, or else the old man will surely come out to stop us. As long as he dies, no matter the Yun Family or the Ning Family, we can destroy them as easy as turning over our hands."

"Elder Lu Yin, you're right," As Lin Ge thought of the humiliation he suffered today, a murderous desire flickered through his eyes. "By the way, how about my son?"

Lu Yin paused and quieted down. After quite a while, he replied, "Young Master became furious when he heard that Yun Qingya was still alive. Nobody can make him calm down!"

"Well," Lin Ge sighed helplessly and his face softened, "anyways, tell him I will avenge him. Yun Qingya... won't live that long!"


In the boudoir of Ning Xin, the girl was lying in bed, her eyes closed and her pale face shining in the sunlight.

Yun Luofeng slowly got up from the bedside and turned around, "Today is the last day, and she has almost recovered. Now let my second uncle stay here with her. Let's leave here. It's time for me to settle with you."

"No way!"

Fourth Elder's face darkened, "Yun Qingya harbors evil intentions towards Ning Xin. How can we allow him to stay with her alone? I don't agree!"

Hardly had his voice faded away when a chill glance fell on him and made him choke. He moved his lips but couldn't utter a single word.

"The one I want to settle with is you." With a dangerous light in her dark eyes, the girl gently smiled and gradually pressed on towards Fourth Elder, "So, get out of here with me now!"

Fourth Elder's eyes darkened, and just when he was going to say something, he was interrupted by the girl.

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the middle-aged man with a languid smile, "If you don't mind disturbing Ning Xin, I don't mind settling with him right here. But you'd better know that the consequences of disturbing her... would be very serious!"

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