Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 459: Make Them Pay (5)

Lu Yin sneered and turned his head away, refusing to look at Elder Ning.

"Because..." Elder Ning opened his eyes slightly wider and slowly looked away from Lu Yin, saying coldly, "you'll get off the hook too easily if I kill you now! Since you look down upon the Yun Family so much, I'll let you see how they tread on you someday. Just keep your dog's eyes wide open!"

At first, Elder Ning did want to kill Lu Yin, but in the end, he chose not to do it. He wanted to let these people who despised the Yun Family end up in the abyss of despair.

"Hahaha!" Lu Yin guffawed, his old face covered with blood and looking quite grim. "Tread on us? Elder Ning, you think too highly of those people! I bet I will never see the Yun Family surpass the Medical City in my entire life!"

Even though the Yun Family had a genius, Yun Luofeng, so what? Genius was nothing but genius. After all, there were countless geniuses who had died young on this Continent.

Elder Ning slightly narrowed his eyes, an icy light flickering through his old eyes, "Lu Yin, I hope you won't regret what you said today."

Saying this, he turned to Lin Ge and coldly said, "Though I won't kill Lu Yin, you still have to pay for what you've done! I've heard that there are many precious medicinal materials in the Medical City, especially a blood ginseng that has been alive for thousands of years..."

Lin Ge's eyes darkened, "What do you mean?"

Elder Ning's face turned mild again, and he casually said, "Haha, my meaning is very simple. I want that blood ginseng of yours!"

"No way, this blood ginseng is what I'm going to exhibit at the physicians' conference in three years. I can't give it to you!"

"If you don't hand over the blood ginseng, I won't leave here!" Elder Ning casually sat down and poured a cup of tea for himself, a faint smile on his lips.

Miss Yun was working to help his granddaughter and went to the Ning Family all the way from the Longyuan Kingdom. As her nominal foster father, he should bring her a gift. Since this girl was a physician, she should be interested in medicinal materials. So how could he not take advantage of this opportunity and extort something good from them?

"Elder Ning, you're not a physician. Why do you want medicinal materials?" Lin Ge clenched his teeth. He had known the old man would not be easily dealt with, but he didn't expect that he would set his eyes on the blood ginseng.

The blood ginseng was so precious! It was said that as long as a dying person was still breathing, his life could be prolonged by a few days by having a slice of the blood ginseng in his mouth...

"You don't have to be a doctor to want this kind of thing. Lin Ge, think of it, do you want me to live here or give me the blood ginseng? I'm a little grumpy these days. When I'm bored, I'll kill some people for fun," Elder Ning said mildly, slowly sipping the tea in the hand, his face expressionless.

His meaning was clear. If Lin Ge didn't hand over the millennium blood ginseng, he would stay in the Medical City and kill several people every day for fun. Even though the Medical City had a lot of people, they couldn't stand such brutality from the old man.

"Elder Ning, you are angry with Lu Yin and have beaten him. What do you still want?" Lin Ge asked, clenching his teeth.

Elder Ning glanced at him, "I want the blood ginseng, and I won't leave here unless I get it!"

The old man was determined, insisting they should compensate him with that millennium blood ginseng.


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